Pam Crump    Shih Tzu

Past Litters


Explanation of Features








We have included pictures and information on our website all of our past litters for each sire and each dam shown on the page for Our Boys or Our Girls.  These litters are shown in chronological sequence with the most recent litter at the top of the page.


From these listings, you can click on the picture of the DAM    to go to the individual page for that litter where you will see information on the parents and the puppies.  You can also click on the individual puppy picture to see pictures of that puppy (feature added in 2011).  [Note:  The page of puppy pictures will open in a new tab, so you should close that tab when through viewing the pictures, and automatically return to the listing of litters.]


We framed each thumbnail picture in either blue or pink to indicate sex.  We have also used background colors on these listings to indicate the following:









Sires and Dams in Black background are no longer bred by us.


Puppies in Black background are deceased.


















Puppies in Yellow background are Available

















Puppies in Green background are on our Past Puppies with pictures and information given to us by their new owners.  You can click on the picture of the puppy to go directly to its Past Puppy listing.


















Puppies in Purple background are ones we have kept here.