Pam Crump    Shih Tzu



Our    Past Puppies   in their New Homes




Our first litter of Shih Tzu arrived in January of 2000.  At that time we had just Cubby and Fancy.  But their first litter of seven included Ping Pong, who later began his breeding with Ting A Ling.  Our love of those “original four” led us to begin a small quality breeding program when we retired.  Our first litter from other than the “original four” came in August of 2004.  We have had several litters now of some very good puppies from our new moms and dads.  We love to get reports and pictures from the families who now own and enjoy our puppies.  We will show those pictures here, and hope this will encourage others to send us their pictures as well.



What is a Shih Tzu? 
"A dash of lion, several teaspoons of rabbit, a couple of
ounces of old Chinese men, a bit of beggar, a tablespoon of monkey,
one part baby seal, and a dash of teddy bear."
James E. Munford  






Kristy flew to Corpus Christi from Abilene in her own plane (with her pilot, Austin) to meet us and pick up Lillian Tzu, a daughter of Lily and Chipper.  Lillian took to her new mom quickly, and snuggled down for a short nap in the plane on her way back to Abilene.


Is anyone ready to place a wager that this little puppy (the only one in her litter) will not become a very spoiled diva?






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Marion flew to Corpus Christi from Dallas to meet us and pick up Lily Ling, a daughter of Ping Pong and Ting A Ling.  Lily Ling had just settled down with her new family in time to be included in their Christmas card.



Pictured here with Lily Ling are Bennett and Marion, along with their son, Sam, and daughter, Paige.  Cleo and Paddy were also around to welcome Lily Ling to their home.


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The family of Peggy, includes her two adult daughters, Susan and Karen, along with five of our Shih Tzu:

   Dolly is a PingPong/TingALing girl born 11/8/02.  Susan got Dolly for her mother, Peggy, and thus began the family’s love of Shih Tzu.

   Trudi is a PingPong/TingALing girl born 2/27/05.  Susan got Trudi for herself.

   Honey, Kinsey, and Annie all came from the same litter of Rhett and Akira and were born 6/10/05.  Honey lives with Peggy.  Kinsey lives with Susan.  Annie lives with Karen.


Dolly was first for this family



Dolly with her good friend

(obviously another breed)


Trudi came next for this family

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Honey       Dolly      Annie



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Eve and Erik adopted the little boy from Merry’s first litter born on May 1, 2005.  They named him Austin (after Erik’s favorite city, which happens to be in Texas)  Our MayDay boy lives with Eve and Erik and their older Shih Tzu Prince Odie in Arlington, VA, where he is spoiled rotten.



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Austin gets “dress-up” play time with a favorite friend (Summer Dawn)

who visits him as often as she can.










Austin likes lying around with

his “purrfect” friend, George













Erik celebrates his birthday

with Austin looking on intently.


[Austin seems focused on Erik,

not the cake with candles.]








Austin takes a ride to

his favorite park.















Joe and Stephanie (friends of Erik and Eve)

adopted Calvin from us.  Calvin was born

to Trinket and Willie on Oct 14, 2005.







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Pam got Foo Ling, a son of PingPong and TingALing, much to the delight of her

children, Jake and Cassie.


Foo Ling goes everywhere with his new

family.... their ranch and their vacation

in Florida.  Cassie found out that she

can actually carry on conversations with

Foo Ling... he really seems to talk to her.










Tiny Tina was born to Panda Tzu and Dilly on April 25, 2006.  She goes now by the name of Oreo, and lives on the Atlantic Coast in Florida with Anne and Jerry, along with other tiny Shih Tzu friends and equally gorgeous cats.













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Bruno was born to Stormy and Black Magic on February 11, 2005.  He now lives like a king with Jeannine and Brian on Long Island, NY, giving Jeannine’s niece Alexa, one more reason to visit.


Bruno still loves his cat friend Precious, but now has a new friend in Trixie, who was born to Sable and Rhett on June 25, 2005.


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Melissa and Jason drove over here

from Hebbronville (120 miles) to bring

Taupe (now called Sadie) back home

to live with them.

Sadie, a puppy of Tiki and Willie,

has lightened up just like Tiki did to a

gorgeous blue cream.



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Looks like they are both sorta spoiled to us.



Aww, cut it out Daddy......



I need to look my cutest for the camera.

Click Here to see Video Clip of Sadie









Daddy cleans up well for the 2007 Christmas

card picture with Melissa and Sadie.






Sadie protects Gavin, a new addition to her family.









Pamela and René Jørgensen brought two of our puppies over to their home in Denmark.


Rounder, a solid red boy, is the son of

Stormy and Winston

Tawny, a blue cream girl, is the daughter of

Tiki and Willie


In Denmark they get lots of play time in the snow (which Rounder lives for and Tawny tolerates).


Click Here for Video taken here before they left for Denmark


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Margaret and Bo drove here from

Franklin, LA

to pick up Blondie (now called Laci).

She is the daughter of Dove-E and Rhett.


Laci now has a good older friend in Lola.

They go everywhere together.


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Mel & JoAnna said they wanted Simba

(a son of Felipe and Lacey)

because their daughter, Susanna, just

absolutely fell in love with him on our website.

Looks like Nathanael warmed up to Simba

once he had him in his lap.


Simba just loves to steal things to play with.

In Ohio now, he can bury his head in snow.


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Elisa plans to go to medical school to become a doctor.  Her parents,

Lydia and Enrique (he is a doctor)

drove up from Monterrey, Mexico to

get Valentino to help fill the void of Elisa’s

older sister and brothers being grown and

gone from home.





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Diane and Robert took Sue Lin home to Juneau, AK after picking her up

at the airport in Phoenix, AZ.   In Alaska, Suzi found she had a great playmate

in her new friend, Bao Bei (BaBa).  They wrestle in the living room, flying

around jumping on and off the furniture.  But Sue Lin loves her cuddle time, too,

which is best when she can suck on momma’s finger.


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Kimberly got a surprise delivery from us on Christmas Eve at her home in Austin, TX.  Her parents, Bryan and Andrea got Chang (now named Cody) for the family.


Cody was also welcomed into the family by Blondie, a sweet Yellow Lab.


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Pat Best, a longtime friend of Pam’s

and a realtor in Corpus Christi,

fell in love with Gracie, a daughter

of Willie and Dancer, and now spoils her,

including regular shopping trips

to fashionable stores where the sales

people know Gracie (and Pat) by name.


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Sherry selected Hondo,

a son of Lu-E and Jazz-E,

knowing he would be a great pet for her,

and hoping he would do well in the show ring.


Sherry and Hondo went to their first show,

an AKC B-Match in Corpus Christi

on Saturday, August 11, 2007.


Pam and Luke were there to see Hondo

take Winner’s Dog and Best of Breed.

Congratulations on the fine results!!



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Rhonda sent pictures of Dante from his home in South Dakota.

He has certainly gotten lighter from 3 months to 7 months old.


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Tiffany and Drew had been watching our website from their home in California for a couple of years before moving to Corpus Christi, where they now live within 5 minutes of us.


They adopted Jocko, a son of Jazz-E and Lu-E.  Even a tough Marine like Drew can’t help but smile a little.


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Melody (a daughter of Merry and Winston)

flew all the way to Boston, MA to become

the greatly loved pet (now named Roxy)

of Bonnie and the rest of her family.



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Bonnie sent us the following email when

Roxy was a little over a year old.

Roxy with Mom and Sydney

(on the day Roxy arrived in Boston)


Roxy is such a fun, loving, playful addition to our family. We just LOVE her. She is so cute. Her temperment is loving, loves to lie on her back and just sprawl out and get rubbed on her stomach, loves kisses...  she is just so adorable that its hard to get "mad" at her even when she's a little "naughty!" (like jumping on the furniture uninvited!). She even likes the freezing New England winters! She romps around the snow (with her sweater on of course!) like a little bunny. I think she thinks that she is a BIG dog in the snow!  She loves playing with other dogs and we just could not be happier with her.  She especially loves playing with our daughter, Sydney, who just turned 3.  They love to play chase around the house.  And Roxy is in for a big surprise because I am expecting twins in June so she will have even more children to play with in the house!  I just wanted to thank you for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family.  We take really good care of her so you will never have to worry.



Roxy (at about 10 months old) with Dad

and, Roxy with Grandma








Huey, a son of Lu-E and Dancer, went to West Virginia to live with Treva and her family, which included Annie and Uncle Pug.  Annie and Huey (now named Sir Michael) had puppies, some going to family and friends, and two kept by Treva.  Pictured above is Sir Michael between his son BooBoo (left) and his daughter Mia (right).  What a great looking family!!


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Uncle Pug, Annie, Sir Michael