Pam Crump    Shih Tzu


A  Shih Tzu Life


Pam’s grandkids (Jacob & Sophia)

(with TingALing’s litter)

Luke’s grandkids (Erin & Emma)

(with Blue Velvet)

Akira’s pups learn to eat from a bowl

Sophia loves her Akira

Cubby on Hearth

Jack & 6

Cubby as a puppy

Pam’s son Jack & the crew

Ping Pong & brother

Ping Pong's big eyes

Ping Pong & Pongo (littermates)

Ping Pong’s eyes melt a heart

Pam with Jasmine & Fancy

Cubby as a puppy in his sweater

Dog Show


Corpus Christi 2004 Dog Show

Luke, Tempe, Mecky, Pam

Rhett, Panda, Trinket, Winston, Tequila, Dancer

1st Birthday party for Fancy’s 1st litter

(with 3 of her 7 puppies in attendance)

March 19, 2001

FirePlug, Fancy, Ping Pong, Cubby

Fancy, Ping Pong, Cubby

Akira, Mr. JackOLantern, Sophia

Scarlett & Rhett with Santa

The Originals with Santa

Scarlett & Rhett as puppies

The family visits Santa Claws

Ping Pong, Fancy, Fancy’s litter, TingALing, Cubby

Winston & Tequila

Winston & Tequila as puppies

Dolly (past puppy) and her friend Kitty