JiDu De Omar

TS34723202 Blue  

Highlight dogs ever owned by Pam


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Darrows Little Dallas

Wookie Maximus


AKC 589408   



TR88323301 Silver Gold & White  


Darrows Little Pennie

Grover Evo Vinis


TP14392401 Silver & White  


TS05867306 Gold & White Black Markings 

Haehnlen's Rocky Road




Vinis Duosu E Snookie


TR84311201 Liver  



TR99417302 Liver  


Pecan Sandie

Sterling Ivory Dragon


TR86093601 Liver  


TS21057501 White  

Lawrence's Lil' Chocolate Boy



Little White Lion Simba


TR46025601 Liver  





TR65521104 Liver  


Aggie Sue Drew



Vinis Tyla Pearl


TR30353903 Liver & White  


TR76931003 White  

Shihtzusbyconnie "Twinky"




My Little White Pearl


TR28269404 Liver  



TR64110902 White  


Shihtzusbyconnie Lamb N Rice

Blue Moon Toy Named Barney JiDu


TR26295202 Gold & White  


TS27186001 Liver  

Lady's Little Cappy



Sweet & Sassy's Smokey Mtn Rain


TR35604503 Black & White  





TR59406701 Blue  


Lady's Sweet Lilac



Southern Indiana's Pot Of Gold


TR40122703 Black  




TR89857803 Gold Black Mask 

Meo's Little Boy






Empress' Golden Glow Of The Sun


TP26950501 Gold & White  





TR52331108 Liver  


Webber's Gabbie Of Southwyck



Richmond's Violets Are Blue


TR18926404 Liver  


 TS19024901 Blue & White  

Sir Barkley XV



Allenwood's Dakota


TR03304202 Brindle & White  





TR80923501 Brindle & White  


Pricilla Haban



Kims Cindy Lou Hoo


TR63482601 Brindle & White  


TR98454302 Silver & White Black Markings 

Pe-Kae's What A Joke




Allenwood's Shooting Star


TR27869501 Black & White  


TR83826401 Black & White  


Richmond Amy

JiDu De Omar


TR44150403 Gold & White  

TS34723202 Blue  

Tiny Tei Parade Of Dreams

Ambrosia Beignet Bosco


TR28158805 Black & White  




TR86266801 Black & White  




Sheng Lee Hung Lo


AKC 572588 Brindle & White  



TS06108101 Black Tan Markings 

Tinypaws Emporer Yoshi Saan





Dee's Harmony Of Heart


TR40326201 Red & White  




TR51482701 Black  


Tiny Paws Emporess Mulan


Sunset's Sheng Lee Lo Little Walker


TR42355704 Black  



TS19738501 Black Tan Markings 

Phoenix's Black & Tan Teddy Bear




Moody Blue For You


TR57780303 Black  






TR76085704 Blue  


Image's Snl Dreamz May Come Tru'




Sunrise Cuddles


TR44140401 Gold & White Black Markings 



TS12295402 Gold Black Markings 

Rompin' Lil' Chandler Bean





Diamond In The Ruff Blk & Tan


TR52858402 Liver & White  




TR62420002 Black  


Princess Glitter II


Sunset's Oceana Blue JiDu


TR33498702 Silver & White  


TS27894205 Blue  

Cota's Bear Down With The Ted-E-Bear Blues


Paddi's Lil' Boy Blue Sammy


TR90435604 Blue  




TS00667601 Blue  


Lady Galatae' Aphrodite


Athena's I Put A Spell On You Paddi


TR75433402 Black  



TS13383102 Black White Markings 

Empress' Best Chocolate In The Galaxy





Classy Paw's Hershey Bliss


TR67710301 Liver & White  




TR94164401 Liver  


Leischners Reno Neveda


Sunset's Serenes Spell On You Piper


TR72228305 Liver  

TS19395302 Blue & White Tan Markings 

Wyatt Earp Abbott


Little Stars Man Of Gold


TR07509401 Gold & White  




TR27327801 Gold & White Black Mask 


Caitlyn's Sissy Girl


Serene Sweet And Sassy


TN48755703 Gold & White  

TS08015202 Red & White  

Starfire's Moonstruck Warrior



Dolly's Sweet Lady


TKCT TF11/0035    (Thai)


TR91587201 Red & White Black Markings  (Thai)


Century's Cinnamon Girl


TKCT I07110989    (Thai)