NCB Reddi Set JiDu

[Champions in Red = 10; Score = 11]

TS35843102 Red Black Mask 

Highlight dogs ever owned by Pam


grand parents

great grandparents

great-great grandparents

great-great-great grandparents

1 CHs

3 CHs

6 CHs


CH Beswicks Twist and Shout

CH Lashalimar Twist in Time


CKC ME788858    (Can)



KCTH 108100001    (Can)


CH Lashalimar Tear N Into Trouble

CH Balofty Little Crocodile Rock


CKC PJ949891   Grand (Can/Thai)


TR90505101 Gold & White  

CH Ashbury Hot Deal at Lashalimar




Century's Love is Color Blind


CKC TF10/0008 Red & White   (Can)



KCTH 106111316 Gold & White   (Thai)


Oriental's Sunset Boulevard

JiDu De Zeb


CKC TG11/2032 Gold & White   (Can)


TS23811402 Gold Black Mask 

White's Sterling Silver



Wee Willie Wonka JiDu


TP09319201 Silver Black Mask 





TR33652201 Liver  


Morgan's No Ordinary Angel



JiDu De Zelda Tzu


TR01419002 Black  



TR87527105 Black  

White Magic's Just An Illusion




JiDu De Jacuzzi


TR36401501 Black & White  



TR65006706 Black Tan Markings 


Mitshu All That Jazz JiDu

NCB Experience My Rapture


TR34094101 Black  


TS27453501 Black Tan Markings 

Tiny Tei Parade Of Dreams



Ambrosia Beignet Bosco


TR28158805 Black & White  





TR86266801 Black & White  





Dee's Lil Sir Render It All


AKC 572588 Brindle & White  




TR86687002 Black Gold & Silver  

Tinypaws Emporer Yoshi Saan






Dee's Harmony Of Heart


TR40326201 Red & White  





TR51482701 Black  


Tiny Paws Emporess Mulan



Carolina's Sparkling Blue Shasta


TR42355704 Black  



TS06108103 Blue Tan Markings 

Phoenix's Black & Tan Teddy Bear



Moody Blue For You


TR57780303 Black  





TR76085704 Blue  


Image's Snl Dreamz May Come Tru'



Ain'T Just Whistling "Dixie"


TR44140401 Gold & White Black Markings 


TR96779601 Black Tan Markings 

Rompin' Lil' Chandler Bean




Diamond In The Ruff Blk & Tan


TR52858402 Liver & White  


TR62420002 Black  


Princess Glitter II

NCB Reddi Set JiDu


TR33498702 Silver & White  

TS35843102 Red Black Mask 

CH White's Red Skies At Night

CH White's Robert Redfurrrd


TP22511002 Red & White  




TR19143202 Red & White  


White's Lady In Red


White's Reginald Redfurrrd


TN75913006 Red & White  



TR55529305 Red & White  

CH White's Chain-Of-Love





CH White's Megan-A-Statement!


TP17907602 Red & White  




TR27758102 Red & White  


White's Felicity


Sunset's Jules Of The Niles


TP18929004 Red & White  



TS06237204 Red & White Black Markings 

CH Wenrick's Hollywood Hit




Wenrick's Hollywood Actor


TN80013401 Gold & White   (Can)






TP32080901 Gold & White   (Can)


Wenrick's Traced By Xeralane




Bigbell's Chrysanthemum Heritage


CKC FQ405927    (Can)



TR63345201 Black Gold & White   (Thai)

Prime Moon California Dreaming





Bigbell's Annita Cowboy


TKCT TE0019    (Thai)




KCT TG11/1127   


Sunshine's Dancing On A Crown


Sunset's Maples With Brown Spice


TKT TD1574    (Thai)


TS14781301 Gold Black Mask 

Lady's Little Cappy


Sweet & Sassy's Smokey Mtn Rain


TR35604503 Black & White  




TR59406701 Blue  


Lady's Sweet Lilac


Southern Indiana's Pot Of Gold


TR40122703 Black  



TR89857803 Gold Black Mask 

Meo's Little Boy





Empress' Golden Glow Of The Sun


TP26950501 Gold & White  




TR52331108 Liver  


Webber's Gabbie Of Southwyck


Sunset's Maple With Brown Sugar


TR18926404 Liver  

TS05373603 Liver  

Empress' Fabulous Orange Fudge'Fabio'


Southern Indiana's Phoenix


TR60897602 Liver  




TR76638302 Brindle  


Robbins' Bedrock Beauty


Southern Indiana's Graceful Lady


TR52840105 Red & White Black Markings 

TR90187301 Liver & White  

Duke's Jordan Air



Southern Indiana's Snickers


TN33182506 Black & White  


TR18410301 Black & White  


Duke's Bianca Bae


TN35991001 Black & White