JiDu De Shasta's Shadow

[Champions in Red = 1; Score = 1]

TS32399701 Blue  



grand parents

great grandparents

great-great grandparents

great-great-great grandparents

1 CHs


Rocky Hill Cosmos

Shiloh's Razama Taz


TN51322702 Gold  



TR10789602 Liver  


Rockyhill Violets Are Blue

Sv's Tobias Lee


TP00942301 Gold & White  


TR44911503 Black  

Im Pee-Wee Taylor




Lianne's Lucky Chloe


TN78690102 Black  



TP13727405 Black  


Im Topsy

Sv's Smokey Joe Blues


TN45789705 Brindle & White  


TR84328002 Blue  

Smoken Blueberry Blues



Sv's Reuben James


TR27400602 Blue  





TR52118502 Blue  


Barbi's Champagne Ice



Sv's Classic Coca Cola


TP24792002 Silver Black Mask 


TR65113402 Liver  

Sir Brownie Delight Squkims




Hilltop Sweet Emmaline


TN98179307 Gold & White  



TR04432601 Black  


Sv's Da Lu Li

Dogtown Blue Norther JiDu


TP09209901 Black & White  


TS25935201 Blue  

Sv's Navarre Garou



Sv's Dragonfires Tia's Tucker


TP15274902 Brindle Black Mask 





TR61318101 Blue  


Sv's Sunset Montia Rae



Queen's Jace Of Prince Charming


TR04087002 Silver & White  




TR69466501 Silver & White  

Sv's Enkidu Yiren






Sv's Cinna Dragonfires Mistres


TR29886204 Red & White  





TR58894803 Red  


Cash's Mercedes Good As Gold



Dogtown's Cocoa Diva


TN82858707 Gold Black Mask 


TR80356502 Liver  

Smoken Blueberry Blues



Sv's Reuben James


TR27400602 Blue  





TR52118502 Blue  


Barbi's Champagne Ice



Queen's Brandy Red Wine


TP24792002 Silver Black Mask 


TR68288802 Liver  

Cash's Jammin' Phillippe




Cash's Golden Sand


TN53589002 Black & White  


TN82858706 Gold  


Cash's Golden Caprix

JiDu De Shasta's Shadow


TN45087807 Gold & White  

TS32399701 Blue  

Tiny Toi Sim Khyi

Tiny Tei Parade Of Dreams


TP15315503 Black & White  




TR28158805 Black & White  


Lil Yvette Jolie Sundae


Ambrosia Beignet Bosco


TN66076001 Black & White  



TR86266801 Black & White  

Tiny Toi Jokers Wild







TP31600704 Gold & White  




AKC 572588 Brindle & White  




Dee's Lil Sir Render It All


AKC 572590   



TR86687002 Black Gold & Silver  

Bowser's Little Joey




Tinypaws Emporer Yoshi Saan


TR22200602 Liver & White  






TR40326201 Red & White  


Bouncing Bunny Boop




Dee's Harmony Of Heart


TN14947302 Gold & White  



TR51482701 Black  

Chubby Pants Taylor





Tiny Paws Emporess Mulan


TR08717202 Black  




TR42355704 Black  


Jewel's Lil Betsy Taylor


Carolina's Sparkling Blue Shasta


TR19938302 Black & White  


TS06108103 Blue Tan Markings 

Mister Mcgraws Summer Rebel


Phoenix's Black & Tan Teddy Bear


TR31696901 Gold Black Markings 




TR57780303 Black  


Nicki Tye Linn


Moody Blue For You


TP22653505 Black & White Black Mask 



TR76085704 Blue  

CH Lacshen's Three Peat





Image's Snl Dreamz May Come Tru'


TN95709102 Gold & White  




TR44140401 Gold & White Black Markings 


Image's Coming Up Daisys


Ain'T Just Whistling "Dixie"


TN94410704 Gold & White  

TR96779601 Black Tan Markings 

Dee's Mr Moca Bean


Rompin' Lil' Chandler Bean


TR33309705 Liver  




TR52858402 Liver & White  


Holy Lady Bug


Diamond In The Ruff Blk & Tan


TR32965102 Gold Black Mask 

TR62420002 Black  

Nordquists Poseidon



Princess Glitter II


TR08768003 Gold & White  


TR33498702 Silver & White  


Nordquists Katiekay


TR19515002 Gold & White