Sunset's Oceana Blue JiDu

[Champions in Red = 2; Score = 1]

TS27894205 Blue  



grand parents

great grandparents

great-great grandparents

great-great-great grandparents

2 CHs


Tiny Toi Sim Khyi

Tiny Tei Parade Of Dreams


TP15315503 Black & White  



TR28158805 Black & White  


Lil Yvette Jolie Sundae

Ambrosia Beignet Bosco


TN66076001 Black & White  


TR86266801 Black & White  

Tiny Toi Jokers Wild






TP31600704 Gold & White  



AKC 572588 Brindle & White  



Sheng Lee Hung Lo


AKC 572590   


TS06108101 Black Tan Markings 

Bowser's Little Joey



Tinypaws Emporer Yoshi Saan


TR22200602 Liver & White  





TR40326201 Red & White  


Bouncing Bunny Boop



Dee's Harmony Of Heart


TN14947302 Gold & White  


TR51482701 Black  

Chubby Pants Taylor




Tiny Paws Emporess Mulan


TR08717202 Black  



TR42355704 Black  


Jewel's Lil Betsy Taylor

Sunset's Sheng Lee Lo Little Walker


TR19938302 Black & White  


TS19738501 Black Tan Markings 

Mister Mcgraws Summer Rebel



Phoenix's Black & Tan Teddy Bear


TR31696901 Gold Black Markings 





TR57780303 Black  


Nicki Tye Linn



Moody Blue For You


TP22653505 Black & White Black Mask 




TR76085704 Blue  

CH Lacshen's Three Peat






Image's Snl Dreamz May Come Tru'


TN95709102 Gold & White  





TR44140401 Gold & White Black Markings 


Image's Coming Up Daisys



Sunrise Cuddles


TN94410704 Gold & White  


TS12295402 Gold Black Markings 

Dee's Mr Moca Bean



Rompin' Lil' Chandler Bean


TR33309705 Liver  





TR52858402 Liver & White  


Holy Lady Bug



Diamond In The Ruff Blk & Tan


TR32965102 Gold Black Mask 


TR62420002 Black  

Nordquists Poseidon




Princess Glitter II


TR08768003 Gold & White  


TR33498702 Silver & White  


Nordquists Katiekay

Sunset's Oceana Blue JiDu


TR19515002 Gold & White  

TS27894205 Blue  

Majesty Cash Manjusri

Cota's Bear Down With The Ted-E-Bear Blues


TR69178503 Liver  




TR90435604 Blue  


Ned Spectaclar Stella


Paddi's Lil' Boy Blue Sammy


TR31704501 Brindle & White Black Markings 



TS00667601 Blue  

Tanner Kellis





Lady Galatae' Aphrodite


TN87565203 Gold Black Mask 




TR75433402 Black  


My Lil Crybaby


Athena's I Put A Spell On You Paddi


TN49452201 Gold & White  



TS13383102 Black White Markings 

Beamer's Cocoa




Empress' Best Chocolate In The Galaxy


TR59371701 Brindle & White Black Mask 






TR67710301 Liver & White  


Beaner's Antasha




Classy Paw's Hershey Bliss


TR37220506 Liver & White  



TR94164401 Liver  

Campbell Farms Ming Toi





Leischners Reno Neveda


TC911209 Black White & Silver  




TR72228305 Liver  


Caitlyn Queen Of Hearts


Sunset's Serenes Spell On You Piper


TN25106502 Black Gold & White Black Mask 


TS19395302 Blue & White Tan Markings 

His Majesty's Only In The Movies


Wyatt Earp Abbott


TR53535506 Liver  




TR07509401 Gold & White  


Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Reigh On High Of His Majesty


Little Stars Man Of Gold


TR49381402 Red Black Markings 



TR27327801 Gold & White Black Mask 

Sophisticate Tempt Me Terrific





Caitlyn's Sissy Girl


TKCT TB0002    (Thai)




TN48755703 Gold & White  


Smile's Absolute Attraction


Serene Sweet And Sassy


TKCT TD1477    (Thai)

TS08015202 Red & White  

Beers Moses Mitch


Starfire's Moonstruck Warrior


TR34378802 Liver  




TKCT TF11/0035    (Thai)


Beers Rhapsody In Black


Dolly's Sweet Lady


TR39055203 Black  

TR91587201 Red & White Black Markings  (Thai)

CH Ista Claim To Fame



Century's Cinnamon Girl


TR13643706 Gold & White  


TKCT I07110989    (Thai)


Oriental's Alantico Avenue


TKCT TG11/2033    (Thai)