Gizmo's Chapion White Buffalo

[Champions in Red = 2; Score = 1]

TS20168601 Gold  

Highlight dogs ever owned by Pam


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great-great grandparents

great-great-great grandparents

2 CHs


Royalcourt's Charlie Chan

Mo-Joe's Gizmo


TN05135105 Silver & White  



TN76640903 Black & White  


Royalcourt's Whoopsey

His Majesty's Made In The Usa


TN11503905 Black & White  


TR39371203 Blue & White  

Tu Hot Yung Jasmines Sun




Larry Lee's Zu-Zu


TN12996304 Gold & White   



TN52730301 Black & White  


Lotus Blossom Not The Car

Fullhouse's Final Request"Bingo"


TN19271201 Black & White  


TR52168906 White  

CH Wells Annakin Skywalker



Sugarcreeks Prince Skywalker


TN97477001 Gold & White  





TR22213205 Black  


Rich's Princess Of The Night



His Majesty's Baked With Love


TR04321001 Black  


TR46913703 Brindle  

Camelot's King Arthur II




His Majesty's Giver Of Life


TN83316901 Red & White  



TR02800502 Brindle & White Black Mask 


Lady Gizmo Of Canton

Ramirez's "Phantom" Of The Opera


TN78637704 Black & White  


TR69019604 Blue  

Bentley Bojangles Adkins



Rudolph Valentino Belland


TP19986101 Gold & White  





TP30352503 Brindle & White  


Champaign Chewy Chow Adkins



Aaron's Got The Hollywood Blues


TN72074302 Gold  




TR38780102 Blue  

Lord Bailey Belland






Madison Monet Belland


TP19986003 Silver  





TP31094004 Black  


Princess Abigayle Belland



Fullhouse's Blue Balloon


TP18176604 Black & White  


TR55827202 Blue  

Koko Kola



Sweet N Sassy's Starbuck


TP27442002 Liver  





TR20595401 Liver  


Lor Ells Charmin



Blondes Have More Fun "Monroe"


TN86354201 White  


TR36294404 Liver  

Southwyck's "Blackjack Flash"




Sweet 3 Sassy's Choc. Yoohoo


TN68782006 Black  


TR22719301 Liver  


Loli Pop

Gizmo's Chapion White Buffalo


TN94817307 Black & White  

TS20168601 Gold  

CH Brandy Ice Of Bin Yunsi

Woodstocks Red Hot Fever Boy


TC452683 Gold & White  




TM89380001 Red & White  


Suki Lee Of Bin Yunsi


Gingus Woodstock Ying Dasha


TC680653 Gold & White  



TN05246802 Gold & White Black Mask 

Tumbleweed Senior





Tally Lo Lo Ling Ying


TC501260 Black White & Gold  




TM43474201 Grizzle  


Candiss Chumulari Ling Ying


Samson Ying Dasha


TC388635 Black & White  



TR09859002 Brindle & White  

Spiffy Prince On Target




Little Danny-Boy The First


TM78490902 Black & White  






TN01927405 Brindle & White  


Peppermint Patti Pressley




Princess Sierra Sunset


TC238792 White  



TN46693503 Brindle & White  

Prince Cameron Merry Chico





Princess Muffin Su Leigh


TC740912 Brindle & White  




TM73738603 Brindle & White  


Maggie Mae Chung


Magnolia's Lil Amelia


TM52890101 Silver Gold & White  


TR78420101 White  

Poo To Martin


Coffee Martin


TN03491503 Gold & White   




TN64822802 Liver & White  


Sina Martin


Maxwell Baron


TN09944403 Black & White  



TO00198105 Liver & White  

Dagon Boy RV Martin





Rolie Martin


TM84475205 Liver & White  




TN07935803 Liver & White  


Chu Chu Martin


Sassy Little Breena


TM76759602 Liver & White  

TR23213804 White  

DS Lovie Little George


Wayne's Prince Cole


TM82051901 Black  




TP14568301 Black  


Sarah's Princess Rose


Bella Jade


TP00933301 Black  

TP27697001 Brindle & White Black Markings 

Tennessee Jerzee Boy



Angie's Little Bit II


TN60788502 Black & White  


TN87516105 Gold Black Mask 


Mjb's Molly Golden Brown


TN63962901 Gold Black Mask