Gizmo & Satin pup




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great-great-great grandparents


Mo-Joe's Gizmo

His Majesty's Made In The Usa


TN76640903 Black & White  



TR39371203 Blue & White  


Larry Lee's Zu-Zu

Fullhouse's Final Request"Bingo"


TN52730301 Black & White  


TR52168906 White  

Sugarcreeks Prince Skywalker




His Majesty's Baked With Love


TR22213205 Black  



TR46913703 Brindle  


His Majesty's Giver Of Life

Ramirez's "Phantom" Of The Opera


TR02800502 Brindle & White Black Mask 


TR69019604 Blue  

Rudolph Valentino Belland



Aaron's Got The Hollywood Blues


TP30352503 Brindle & White  





TR38780102 Blue  


Madison Monet Belland



Fullhouse's Blue Balloon


TP31094004 Black  


TR55827202 Blue  

Sweet N Sassy's Starbuck




Blondes Have More Fun "Monroe"


TR20595401 Liver  



TR36294404 Liver  


Sweet 3 Sassy's Choc. Yoohoo

Gizmo's Chapion White Buffalo


TR22719301 Liver  


TS20168601 Gold  

Woodstocks Red Hot Fever Boy



Gingus Woodstock Ying Dasha


TM89380001 Red & White  





TN05246802 Gold & White Black Mask 


Tally Lo Lo Ling Ying



Samson Ying Dasha


TM43474201 Grizzle  




TR09859002 Brindle & White  

Little Danny-Boy The First






Princess Sierra Sunset


TN01927405 Brindle & White  





TN46693503 Brindle & White  


Princess Muffin Su Leigh



Magnolia's Lil Amelia


TM73738603 Brindle & White  


TR78420101 White  

Coffee Martin



Maxwell Baron


TN64822802 Liver & White  





TO00198105 Liver & White  


Rolie Martin



Sassy Little Breena


TN07935803 Liver & White  


TR23213804 White  

Wayne's Prince Cole




Bella Jade


TP14568301 Black  


TP27697001 Brindle & White Black Markings 


Angie's Little Bit II

Gizmo & Satin pup


TN87516105 Gold Black Mask 

His Majesty's Made In The Usa

Fullhouse's Final Request"Bingo"


TR39371203 Blue & White  




TR52168906 White  


His Majesty's Baked With Love


Fullhouse's Snow Candido


TR46913703 Brindle  



TS03941802 White  

Camalot Red Knight Sirshamus





Winters Frost Of Willow Rose


TP13819305 Liver  




TR28360501 Blue & White  


Shiloh's Silver Savannah


Michael's Bring It Too Me Yaya


TR09210206 Silver & White  



TS09072104 White  

Mr. Good Pepper




Full House' S Chocky In Sprite


TR53324401 Black & White  






TR56085603 Liver & White  


Schatzchen Chocolate Baby




Fullhouse's Bring It Back To Zero


TR37714306 Liver & White  



TR79852003 White  

His Majesty's Only In The Movies





Empress' Banana Cream Pie


TR53535506 Liver  




TR71571104 Liver  


His Majesty's Garden Of Eden


Karries's Satin Lace Doll


TR49734205 Black  


TS24885801 Gold & White  

Shang Su's Little Rascal


Islandis Kona Kei


TP31310201 Gold & White  




TR71377603 Liver & White  


Willow Hills Lil Trixie


Fullhouse's Got Red Hunter


TR50333602 Red & White  



TR81267601 Red Black Mask 

Empress' Lil "Redt" Corvette





Island's Orange Fiji Sunsets


TR40067903 Red Black Mask 




TR49474401 Red Black Mask 


Sugarcreek Romeos Willowrose


Michael's Red Hot Chilli Pepper


TR20755804 Gold & White Black Markings 

TS11525801 Red Black Mask 

Dee's Lil Red Kubby Caboose


Fullhouse's A "Touch" Of Love


TR54168302 Red Black Mask 




TR76673703 Red Black Mask 


Dee's Ain'T Mis Be Haven


Fullhouse's Little Leony


TR52858503 Red & White Black Markings 

TS02550601 Gold  

Aaron's Got The Hollywood Blues



Fullhouse's Blue Balloon


TR38780102 Blue  


TR55827202 Blue  


Blondes Have More Fun "Monroe"


TR36294404 Liver