JiDu De Seraphina

[Champions in Red = 43; Score = 102]

TS25686504 Red & White  



grand parents

great grandparents

great-great grandparents

great-great-great grandparents

1 CHs

1 CHs

5 CHs

11 CHs

25 CHs


CH Nanking's Twister

CH Nanking's Twist of Fate


CKC GG429563 Red & White   (Can)



CKC KN672537    (Can)


CH Nanking's Murphy Brown

CH Beswicks Twist and Shout


CKC CU207378    (Can)


CKC ME788858    (Can)

CH Da'vlin's Defiant Lucifer




CH Beswick's Satans Choice


CKC 1063692    (Can/USA)



CKC HL590618    (Can)


CH Beswicks It Must Be Pleasure

CH Lashalimar Twist in Time


CKC FJ364032    (Can)


KCTH 108100001    (Can)

CH Winrick's Hollywood Hit



CH Thaibok Be My Valentino


CKC GQ471766    (Can)





CKC KL689486    (Can)


CH Wernrick's Scribbles



CH Lashalimar Tear N Into Trouble


CKC HC524188    (Can)


CKC PJ949891   Grand (Can/Thai)

CH LashalimarReddy for Hollywood




CH Raptures Fanfare at Lashalimar


CKC KJ654909    (Can)



CKC LN757216    (Can)


CH Raptures Magic Dancer

CH Balofty Little Crocodile Rock


CKC FL378324   ROM/BIS (Can)


TR90505101 Gold & White  

CH Lashalimar Hot Damme Here I Am



CH Lashalimar Too Hot for U


CKC HG509958    (Can)





CKC JQ605631 Black & White   (Can)


CH Ambiance Hot Leggs



CH Ashbury Hot Deal at Lashalimar


CKC 1057158    (Can)




CKC TF10/0008 Red & White   (Can)

CH Winrick's Hollywood Hit






CH Ashbury's Hollywood Heartthrob


CKC GQ471766    (Can)





CKC JJ590536    (Can)


CH Ashbury's One Heartbeat



Century's Love is Color Blind


CKC EW332137    (Can)


KCTH 106111316 Gold & White   (Thai)

CH Tu-Chu Sky's The Limit



CH Symarun Sunnyside Last Kiss


CKC AW054903    (Can)





CKC TB0046 Black & White   (Can/Phil/Thai)


CH Leishan's Energized at Symarun



Oriental's Sunset Boulevard


CKC XA832065    (Can)


CKC TG11/2032 Gold & White   (Can)

CH Xeralane's Traces of Fire




Oriental's Breathing Forever Love




CKC TE3153 Gold & White   (Can)


Mandarin's Claim to Fame

JiDu De Seraphina



TS25686504 Red & White  

CH Jolei Hallmark Anchor's Aweigh

CH Hallmark Jolei Captain Morgan


TN32564902 Black & White  




TN81250801 Black & White  


Hallmark Jolei Posey Galore


CH RCA's Spirit of Cap'n Morgan


TN40400802 Gold & White  



TP01242701 Gold & White  

CH RCA's Timmy Toytott





Beijai Blythe Spirit


TN36292004 Gold & White  




TN71182601 Gold & White  


Emperor Ming's Golden Wager


Rich's Royal Winston JiDu


TN49604203 Gold & White  



TR20003402 Red & White  

CH Chin-Chu Dew or Dye of Ali-Aj




Saro's Flamboyant Follie


TC982574 Gold & White  






TN65759603 Red & White  


Ali-Aj Flamboyant Floozy




Rich's Sweet Scarlett


TM900533 Red & White  



TP17347302 Red & White   

CH Hi Krisfarm's Razza Pa Zazz





Saro's Forever Amber


TM71535401 Gold & White  




TN31708604 Red & White Black Mask 


Allie Ali


JiDu De Merry FooFoo


TN058389 Black & White  


TR76842903 Gold & White  

CH Miramar's Genetic Fantasy


CH Fantasy's Dr. Casey O'Aug.Moon


TN13112404 Gold & White  






CH Loubren's Dr Mead


CH Phidore's Dim Sum El Nino


TD055797 Gold & White  



TN59124404 Gold & White  

CH Phildore Copperpenny Wizard





Phildore's Ebony N Ice


TD192977 Gold & White  




TM99686403 Black & White  


Phildore's Dark Krystal


Marpk Merry Christmas JiDu


TD217783 Black & White  

TR24524301 Gold & White  

CH Haven's One Tough Zephyr


CH Haven's Making A Move


TN73207403 Black & White  




TN91555304 Gold & White  


CH Haven's Color Me Loud


Marpk's N Haven Pure Gold


TN34135002 Gold & White  


CH Azia's Cool Jazz at Zephyr



CH Haven's Against All Odds


TN45590502 Black & White  


TN63881801 Black & White  


Haves True Colors of Zephyr


TN02417401 Black & White