NCB Sheesa Sweetie JiDu

[Champions in Red = 9; Score = 10]

TS26879003 Liver  



grand parents

great grandparents

great-great grandparents

great-great-great grandparents

1 CHs

2 CHs

6 CHs


Koko Kola

Sweet N Sassy's Starbuck


TP27442002 Liver  



TR20595401 Liver  


Lor Ells Charmin

Rocky-Top's Expresso Mocha Mudslide


TN86354201 White  


TR81563801 Liver  

Sweet & Sassy's Starbucks Fix




Sweet And Sassy's Mmm Mmm Good


TR18926302 Liver & White  



TR48057302 Red & White  


CKS Precious Rose Of Jericho

Divine Design's Eminem


TP28680404 Brindle Black Mask 


TR98943303 Liver  

CH RCA's Spirit of Cap'n Morgan



Mr. Armando Man


TP01242701 Gold & White  





TR23323604 Black  


Marie's MS. Ming



Highlander's Fair Maiden Of Camelot


TR03275402 Black  


TR71365002 Liver  

CH Windsor Midnight Express




Dogwood Bella Rose


TN77721202 Black & White  



TR26153302 Liver & White  


Dogwood Alexus Rose

NCB Red White and Blue Patriot


TR07149701 Brindle & White  


TS18726001 Liver  

CH Sophisticate Dancin On A Cloud



CH Raptures Parked On A Cloud


CKC BN145153    (Can)





TN78562301   BISS (Am Can)


CH Raptures Day Dream



CH LeaReen's Double Parked


CKC CC154511    (Can)




TR82194501 Gold & White  

CH Kasugai's Ko Jiro Brodie






CH Raptures Tapiko At LeaReen


CKC JU632746    (Can)





CKC NJ895624    (Can)


CH Raptures Magic Dancer



Wiley's Rhapsody-Rae


CKC FL378324   ROM/BIS (Can)


TR82454704 Silver Black Markings 

Konalani Little Brown Jug



Newtonhills Russell Stover of Twa-Nas Pe-Kae


TN72338804 Gold  





TR35215301 Liver  


Southwycks Chocolate Truffle



Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Rhapsody in Blue JiDu


TR05191401 Liver  


TR49381304 Blue  

White's Sterling Silver




Twa-Nas Pe-Kae Dusty Blue


TP09319201 Silver Black Mask 


TR35908104 Blue  


Morgan's Little Kivome

NCB Sheesa Sweetie JiDu


TP18561805 Brindle & White  

TS26879003 Liver  

Ryan Ridge Hersey

Burnz Zoot Suit Riot


TR32196302 Liver  




TR65165802 Liver  


Lawrence's Little Bertha


Gummerson Lil Jack


TR42488701 Red  



TS02189502 Red  

Grader's Gotta A Sweet Tooth "Domino"





Sweet Tooths Cottoncandy


TR64055602 Liver  




TR74207802 White  


Grader Chocolate Gilatoncream


Scrumptious Oliver And Company


TR42118703 Liver & White  



TS17630803 Liver & White  

Southwyck's "Harley Of Newton'hill




Lonestars Rock N Roll Memphis


TP17061903 Black  






TR53387901 Liver  


Southwycks African Queen




Gummerson Lil Aerial


TP15568203 Black  



TR75871904 Liver  

Mtn Valleys Little Rascal





Lonestar's Pipers Dream


TR10154802 Red & White  




TR48658001 Red & White  


Mtn Valley's Bobbie Jo


NCB Precious As A Pearl


TR27457503 Red  


TS21599902 Gold & White  

Keys Lil Chocolate Teddy Bear


Bays Lil Sir Lance Alot


TR35526301 Liver Black Mask 




TR87766803 Liver  


Queen's Guinivere


Top - Hatz' Ice Of Antarctica


TR56952201 White  



TR94483802 White  

Beers Little Bit Of Heaven





Bays Little Bit Gracie


TR43681901 Gold  




TR60126503 Black & White  


Dandee Ned's Nadia


Top Hatz' Ping A Ling Of Southland


TP32185003 Red & White  

TS11695401 Brindle & White  

Sweet & Sassy's Smokey Mtn Rain


Blueberry Fizz Of Lil Gems


TR59406701 Blue  




TR74047704 Blue  


Sweet And Sassy's Got The Blues


Top- Hatz' Frosty Bluebelle


TR43761202 Blue & White  

TR96348601 Blue & White  

Gregory's Toby



Lily Of Lil Gems


TP19075003 Gold & White  


TR89310001 Red & White  


Countryside's Paige


AKC 618633