Melvin & Holly pup

[Champions in Red = 41; Score = 68]




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2 CHs

5 CHs

11 CHs

23 CHs


CH Moonglow's Dancing On A Star

CH Sophisticate Dancin On A Cloud


CKC YU970722   ROM/BIS/BISS (Am Can)



CKC BN145153    (Can)


CH Santini's Signature Series

CH Raptures Parked On A Cloud


TD171802    (Am Can)


TN78562301   BISS (Am Can)

CH Shente's Jolei In Your Dream




CH Raptures Day Dream


CKC YQ978607   BIS/BISS (Am Can)



CKC CC154511    (Can)


CH Shente's Victoria

CH LeaReen's Double Parked


CKC WL810132    (Can)


TR82194501 Gold & White  

CH Sachi's Tomi Jiro Of Kasugai



CH Kasugai's Ko Jiro Brodie


CKC BE080044    (Can)





CKC JU632746    (Can)


CH Wingate's Terrific Yuki



CH Raptures Tapiko At LeaReen


TN42276803    (Can)


CKC NJ895624    (Can)

CH Moonglow's Dancing On A Star




CH Raptures Magic Dancer


CKC YU970722   ROM/BIS/BISS (Am Can)



CKC FL378324   ROM/BIS (Can)


CH Raptures Day Dream

JiDu Merry Melvin Dancing by the Sea


CKC CC154511    (Can)


TR98010601 Gold & White Black Markings 

CH Miramar's Genetic Fantasy



CH Fantasy's Dr. Casey O'Aug.Moon


TN13112404 Gold & White  







CH Loubren's Dr Mead



CH Phidore's Dim Sum El Nino


TD055797 Gold & White  




TN59124404 Gold & White  

CH Phildore Copperpenny Wizard






Phildore's Ebony N Ice


TD192977 Gold & White  





TM99686403 Black & White  


Phildore's Dark Krystal



Marpk Merry Christmas JiDu


TD217783 Black & White  


TR24524301 Gold & White  

CH Haven's One Tough Zephyr



CH Haven's Making A Move


TN73207403 Black & White  





TN91555304 Gold & White  


CH Haven's Color Me Loud



Marpk's N Haven Pure Gold


TN34135002 Gold & White  



CH Azia's Cool Jazz at Zephyr




CH Haven's Against All Odds


TN45590502 Black & White  


TN63881801 Black & White  


Haves True Colors of Zephyr

Melvin & Holly pup


TN02417401 Black & White  

CH Moonglow's Kory-Ah-Grafer

CH Misty Dajavue's About Freedom


TN05228001 Gold & White   (Can)




TR08362701 Gold & White  


Misty Dajavue's Caribbean Paradise


CH Misty Dajavue's Hot Camaro


TP03753401 Gold & White  



TR85533701 Gold & White  

CH Showdown's Valetine Kisses





CH Misty Dajavue's Intuition


TR18205601 Red & White  




TR38588301 Gold & White  


Misty Dajavue's American Dream


CH Stone Castle's Magic Kingdom


TP22997502 Red & White  



TS02076902 Red & White  

CH Karyon's Cool Reflection




CH Lun Lynn's S'Mor Cool Stuff


TN56923402 Gold & White  






TR47028101 Red & White  


Lun Lynn's I Want S'Mor




Lun Lynn's Let Freedom Ring


TR30104602 Red & White  



TR87049307 Red & White  

Loubren's On U'R Mark Get Redi





Lun Lynn's Along Came Eve


TN34227701 Red & White  




TR46743302 Gold & White Black Markings 


Lun Lynn's Annie Get U'R Gun


JiDu Holly Berry O'Hairy


TR24089701 Gold & White Black Markings 


TS21064603 Red & White  

CH Centerfold's Hot Sultry Summer


CH Centerfold's Pardon My Dust


TN91575803 Gold & White  




TP30594101 Gold & White Black Markings 


CH Centerfold's High On Fairidust


CH Lun Lynn's Redi Or Knot


TP02278603 Gold & White  



TR46736002 Silver & White  

Loubren's On U'R Mark Get Redi





Lun Lynns Rose


TN34227701 Red & White  




TP25104701 Red & White  


CH Lun Lynn's S'Mor Summer Please


Misty Dajavue's Flirting With Fire


TN87697301 Gold & White  

TR69565701 Red & White  

CH Ming Dynasty Crap Shoot


Tu Chu's Flirting With Fire


TN32746801 Red & White  




TN72423001 Red & White  


CH Tu Chu-Validian Ecstacy


Misty Dajavue's Fire In Paradise


TN16381401 Gold & White  

TP16709203 Red & White  

CH Xeralane's Feel The Magic



Misty Dajavues Dreams Of Paradise


TN31049203 Red & White  


TN45075201 Red & White  


Shado's Class Act


TM58568301 Gold & White