Spay/Neuter Agreement



On _____/______/________ Pamela Porter Crump (the Seller) sold to ___________________________ (the Buyer) the Shih Tzu described as:




The Buyer agrees to have the Shih Tzu spayed (if female) or neutered (if male) by  _____/_____/_______.


Upon receipt of proof of spaying (for female) or neutering (for male) by _____/_____/_______ the Seller will deliver to the Buyer the AKC Limited Registration Application for the Shih Tzu.



_____Pamela Porter Crump____         ____________________________        _____/_____/_______

            (The Seller)                                          Signature                                       Date



___________________________         ____________________________        _____/_____/_______

            (The Buyer)                                          Signature                                       Date