Pam Crump    Shih Tzu


Puppy Pack




AKC Registration Application

  (which can be used to apply to AKC for registration of your puppy)

Printed 5-generation Pedigree

  (an AKC certified 3-generation pedigree can be purchased from AKC when you register your puppy)

Limited Warranty of Health

  (2 copies signed by us, one of which the buyer should sign and return to us)

Shot / Medical Record

  (included in the general instruction sheet, which you should take to your vet)

Food Sample

Brochure & sample of NuVet wafers

On-going advice and consultation



If Shipping (at cost to Buyer, we include):

                 Travel Crate

                 Health Certificate


We can provide other services shown below.

  (for reimbursement of our cost, which is shown as of 3/1/2017)

                 AVID microchip ($25)

                 Kennel Cough vaccine ($25)

                 Spaying (if female is at least 5 months old) ($150)

                 Neutering (if male is at least 5 months old) ($125)