Pam Crump    Shih Tzu


Shipping (or Delivering) your Shih Tzu



(prices updated 6/20/2013)



Shipping (by air):


We have shipped more than 100 puppies by air to (and from) locations all over the U.S. and a few foreign locations.  We have never had a problem with shipping a puppy (other than one missed connection, which resulted in the puppy staying in a kennel overnight, but arriving safely the next day).


We will ship your Shih Tzu to you anywhere that shipping by air is available.


Shipping is an additional cost to the Buyer, and includes a travel crate and a certified health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.  For Hawaii and most foreign locations, there will be additional costs for the higher airline shipping fees and for the costs required to qualify the puppy to satisfy import restrictions.


We prefer to ship with American Airlines, which is only airline we can use out of Corpus Christi.


Cost of shipping is $350 (includes crate and health certificate) from Corpus Christi to any domestic airport with shipping by American.

Shipping from San Antonio adds $100 to the cost.  Shipping from Houston adds $200 to the cost.

Shipping with other airlines may also add to the cost, depending on the rates charged by the airline (e.g. Delta charges about $90 more than the airlines we normally use.)


If temperatures are too extreme at any airport on the trip, most airlines will not ship animals.


United Airlines does not impose temperature restrictions (except in Phoenix) since they do not subject the puppy to outdoor conditions.

For American Airlines, the maximum allowable temperature for shipping a puppy is 85 degrees, and the minimum is 45 degrees (or 20 degrees with written authorization from a licensed veterinarian).


We will never ship a puppy until a puppy is at least 10 weeks old and we believe it is physically sound enough to make the trip without debilitating stress.


When you go to the airport to pick up your puppy you should take with you your Driver’s License (or other government-issued ID).  We recommend taking some towels and/or puppy pads and a small bottle of water in case the puppy needs to be cleaned up.  You can offer some water to drink (but don't be concerned if the puppy is too keyed up to want water).  Do not feed the puppy until you get home. 


Delivering (by air):


We sometimes are able to offer to have our puppy nanny deliver a puppy carried in cabin.  This method of delivery also enables us to send a puppy to some cities that we cannot ship to.  There is an additional cost (usually $30 to $70) that depends on the specific trip.  The timing of the delivery will depend on the availability of the puppy nanny.  Please let us know if you would like to use our puppy nanny to deliver your puppy.


Delivering (by automobile):


If you would like for us to deliver your Shih Tzu, we will try to arrange that.  If we deliver it ourselves, the fee will be based on the round-trip mileage and the current price of gas (with mileage and gas prices shown on the website for zip code 78415).  We can quote a price for you once we know where we are making the delivery.   Fees based on $2.50 per gallon and $3.80 per gallon in gas prices are as follows:


Round Trip Distance

Delivery Fee