Pam Crump Shih Tzu


Preparing for your Shih Tzu



Well, the time is getting near. You are about to pick up your new puppy. Are you ready for your new lifetime companion to arrive at his new home?


You will need the following:

       a crate (optional for secure denning and training)

       puppy pads (best buy we have found on disposable pads is Walmart) (we prefer using the cloth pads, see

       food bowl

       water bottle (similar to those used for rabbits) (none of our dogs ever drink from bowls)

       safe chew toys (they may be teething)

       bedding (not foam)

       supply of food

(Your puppy will be eating Wellness canned puppy food, or if the teeth are developed, Wellness dry puppy food).

[If you would rather use another puppy food, then mix that with the food sample from us, beginning with about 1 part of the new food to 3 parts of the old, then half and half, then 3 parts new to 1 part old, to prevent loose stool.]

       A good Veterinarian

(Get your puppy checked right away.)


       A soft lap and a face to kiss


As your puppy gets a little older, you will need:

       dog toothbrush and toothpaste

       dog treats (not rawhide)

       light-weight leash with halter (or choke chain)

(Do NOT rely on a collar to attach a leash for walks; it will not hold a Shih Tzu securely.)

       dog tag (and/or microchip implant)

       hair brush (with metal pins that do NOT have the little metal balls on the end of the pins; these ball will break hair)

       combs (pintail, steel, dematting)

       preventive medications for fleas, ticks, mites, heart worms

(We recommend monthly Revolution treatments.)

       a good Groomer