Pam Crump    Shih Tzu


Sex of a Shih Tzu




Why choose male vs. female ?


The sex of the Shih Tzu does not determine its suitability as a pet.  Either sex can be trained to be a great companion in your home. 


However, you should neuter a male at six months to prevent later urges to “mark territory” in your home.  You should spay a female by six months to prevent having to deal with the discharge that comes with her heats, and to prevent unwanted attention from male dogs and unintended pregnancy.  Although the owner may have a personal preference, the sex of the Shih Tzu is important only for breeding.


Some Shih Tzu owners suggest that boys make better pets because they “strive to please” more than girls do.  We have observed that as a general rule, boys are more attentive to you and dependant on you, while girls are more independent.