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AKC Registration


A pedigree documents the parentage of a dog.  A 3-generation pedigree shows the parents, the grandparents, and the great-grandparents of the dog (a total of 14 ancestors).  A 5-generation pedigree also shows the great-great-grandparents and the great-great-great-grandparents (a total of 62 ancestors). 

Click here for a sample 5-generation pedigree.


All Shih Tzu at JiDu De ShenTi are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  This assures you that the pedigree of the puppy is accurate and that the puppy is pure-bred Shih Tzu.  No other pet registry in the United States (and there are several) comes close to providing that assurance to the same degree as does AKC.  AKC requires that all males siring more than 7 litters must have on file with AKC a profile of their DNA.  This DNA profile enables AKC to detect scientifically if a breeder misidentifies the sire of a litter (upon the later DNA profiling of any one puppy of the litter).  AKC also regularly conducts on-site inspections of breeders who frequently register litters.  This inspection program gives added assurance as to the proper record keeping and the general cleanliness of the living conditions of the breeding dogs.  The inspection even includes testing DNA profiles to verify the correct identity of the parents of a litter.  This in no way gives any guarantee that the AKC breeders will produce only healthy dogs or that they will be straight forward and honest in their dealings with buyers, but it is certainly better than dealing with a non AKC breeder.


In December 2006 we passed our first AKC inspection with flying colors.  We had the same success with subsequent inspections in August 2010 and August 2013.


Click Here to see our AKC inspection report from August 2013


Click Here to see our AKC inspection report from August 2010


Click Here to see our AKC inspection report from December 2006


Click Here to see what AKC says about their inspection program


With an AKC registration the buyer has the best possible chance of being able to rely on the pedigree to reflect the true parentage of the puppy.



Registration Types


The AKC breeder may offer the buyer either a “full” or “limited” registration.  The “full” registration gives the buyer the right to breed the dog and register puppies of that breeding with the AKC.  It also makes the dog eligible to be shown in AKC dog shows.  The “limited” registration prevents the buyer from registering any puppies of that dog with the AKC or showing the dog in AKC dog shows.  Many breeders refuse to give a “full” registration.  Often these breeders have had a buyer who subsequently sold the puppy to a breeder who failed to give the puppy a good quality of life.


We prefer to sell our puppies to pet homes with “limited” registration, but are willing to give “full” registration.  We show the price for our puppies with “limited” (pet) registration and with “full” (breeding) registration.  We always check out our buyers to make sure the puppy will have a good quality of life.