Pam Crump    Shih Tzu


Considerations for Show Prospects


We list here certain factors that we evaluate in selecting a puppy as a prospect for the show ring in an AKC Conformation event.

 (listed in order of desirability)


  1. The Sex does not matter, however, the dog cannot be spayed or neutered.  [Some breeders prefer to show males since the males can produce more puppies than a female.]
  2. The more Champions in the 5-generation pedigree, the greater the likelihood of the puppy inheriting the good conformation.
  3. Certain colors and markings win shows more frequently.

a.     Coat Markings

1)    Multi-color with symmetrical markings

2)    Solid color with no markings

3)    Multi-color with asymmetrical markings

4)    Tan “Dobie” markings (extremely rare in shows)

b.    Color of Points (eyes, nose, lips, paw pads)

1)    Black (almost necessary for showing)

2)    Blue (rare)

3)    Liver (eyes may be green) (rare)

4)    One blue eye (fault)

5)    Pink on nose, lips, or eye rims (fault)

c.     Color of Coat (multi-color with white preferred to solids, except for solid black)

1)    Gold

2)    Red

3)    Silver

4)    Black

5)    Brindle

6)    White

7)    any other color

  1. Adult Weight

1)    12 to 14 pounds

2)    10 to 12 pounds

3)    14 to16 pounds

4)    9 to 10 pounds

5)    over 16 pounds (fault)

6)    under 9 pounds (fault)

  1. Other factors to consider

a.     Coat Thickness

1)    Extremely thick

2)    Thick (normal)

3)    Thin (fault)

b.    Coat Texture

1)    Silky

2)    Cottony

c.     Coat Straightness

1)    Straight

1)    Wavey

2)    Curly (fault)

d.    Bite

1)    Slight underbite

2)    Even

3)    Larger underbite (mouth can close without showing teeth)

4)    Larger underbite (mouth cannot close without showing teeth) (fault)

5)    Overbite (fault)

e.    Teeth

1)    Straight

2)    Crooked

f.       Height (at withers)

1)    9 to 10½ inches

2)    8 to 9 inches

3)    10½ to 11 inches

4)    under 8 inches (fault)

5)    over 11 inches (fault)

g.    Body Length (between withers and root of tail)

1)    slightly longer than height

2)    same as height or slightly shorter

3)    significantly shorter or longer than height (fault)

h.     Head

1)    Round, Broad and Domed

2)    Narrow and/or Flat

i.        Eyes

1)    Large, round, not prominent, set well apart, looking straight ahead, minimal white in eye

2)    any significant variation from this (fault)