Pam Crump    Shih Tzu



Available Older Puppies and Adults


We try to place for our Shih Tzu after they have been retired from our breeding program.

We retire them at younger ages than most breeders, and begin looking for a good home for them.

They are trained to use a puppy pad and a doggie door, and are accustomed to free roam of our home.


We have a lot of invested in these pets.  When we find a new home

that will give them a better, richer life, we will be for them.


In the meantime, we are perfectly keeping our pets with us here.


We greatly prefer local placements.

If you are interested, please understand that we will ask a lot of questions

about you, your family, your other animals, and the home you will provide.

We will need to be convinced that they would have a better home with you than with us.



























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