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Pam Crump:


Karin S - 09/08/2021

The best puppy ever My father and I lost our Shih Tzu mix in November 2020 and, being lonely without a dog in the home, I found a recommendation for Pam Crump. Much impressed with Pam's references, we selected Sashay, a beautiful dark gold and white Shih Tzu puppy. We brought Sashay (who we nicknamed Sassy) home on February 22, 2021, also my birthday. The best birthday gift ever. Sassy is so obedient, learns commands quickly and is super affection as well. Sassy has definitely carved her place in our home. I definitely recommend Pam to others, and Sassy's groomer was impressed with Sassy enough to ask for Pam's information--which of course I gave her--to pass along to one of her other customers who recently lost her own Shih Tzu. I'm also hoping in the future to purchase another puppy from Pam to keep Sassy company once she gets a little older. Pam's puppies are just that amazing. Thank you, Pam and Luke!


Belen - 05/19/2021

Seasoned Breeder When looking for a breeder, I knew I wanted a seasoned breeder,a well respected breeder among the Shih Tzu community. Needless to say,one name that kept coming up was Pam/Luke Crump. My family has adopted a few puppies from them. They are beautiful,healthy, with amazing dispositions. I wholeheartedly recommend Pam and Luke for your future puppy. In fact, look no further, Pam and Luke are who you want to purchase your puppy from. They are the best of the best breeders out there,they will not disappoint! Go for it, you wonít go wrong!Please click onto the link below and read their extensive research. http://pamcrump.com


Reviews below were on PuppyFind.com Top notch breeders!

I had been searching for a new fur baby And came upon the Crumps on Facebook. I requested to join their page and was told to navigate to their link and take a look at the current pups for sale. I immediately fell in love! It didn't take long for me to decide on which puppy I wanted I really was happy that I was able to make payments until he was ready at 12 weeks. Communication was great and they would send me pictures of my fur baby. Picking him up was easy and paperwork was ready. Mr Crump even let me bring a crate since I picked him up a few days early which I wasn't prepared for. So that was super nice of him to help me. My fur baby is GREAT!

Reviewer: Carol, May 20, 2021 Best Shih Tzus Available Anywhere

I have purchased two AKC Shih Tzus from Pam Crump and they are, without a doubt, two of the finest animals I have ever owned. I have looked around and contacted other sellers but I found Mrs. Crump to be responsive and honest and everything she told me turned out to be right on the money. She took exceptional care of the pups before I received them and they came to me with great dispositions. You can tell they came from a good home. Both pups were in excellent health and very alert and receptive. She was also very responsive to any questions I had both before AND after the purchase. If you are set on a Shih Tzu, I couldn't think of a better breeder to purchase a pup from and if and when I purchase another pup, it will definitely be from her.

Reviewer: David, May 20, 2021  
https://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Seasoned Breeder

When looking for a breeder, I knew I wanted a seasoned breeder, a well respected breeder among the Shih Tzu community. Needless to say, one name that kept coming up was Pam/Luke Crump. My family has adopted a few puppies from them. They are beautiful, healthy, with amazing dispositions. I wholeheartedly recommend Pam and Luke for your future puppy. In fact, look no further, Pam and Luke are who you want to purchase your puppy from. They are the best of the best breeders out there, they will not disappoint! Go for it, you wonít go wrong! Please click onto the link below and read their extensive research. http://pamcrump.com

Reviewer: Belen, May 20, 2021 Extremely Pleased

This was our first time dealing with a breeder. Pam made the whole process very simple and followed up on everything we discussed along the way. From phone calls and e-mail to providing pictures and video, we were very comfortable with the choice we had made. We live in Florida and had to have our little girl flown to us. The pet nanny who flew with her was such a lovely lady and that service that Pam provides is incredible. She was well cared for and never out of her sight the entire time. She was brought directly to us, as we met in the airport, and she was everything we had hoped for. She received high marks from our vet and was given a clean bill of health on her initial visit. She is a happy little girl and we couldn't be more thrilled to have her as part of our family.

Reviewer: Steve, April 15, 2020 Compassionately breeders.

I highly recommend Mrs. Crump when looking to purchase a new ferry member. She breeds with compassion, knowledge, and love. That within itself gave me the peace in mind of receiving a healthy puppy. I recently purchased a puppy from her, and to my surprise after getting him home, he was already trained to using the potty pads. He also sleeped through the night with no crying. Great Job ms Pam. I am totally in love with him.

Reviewer: Mary, April 15, 2020
https://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Best knowledgeable Shih Tzu breeder ever!

Pam Crump, sold me the most beautiful liver & white ShihTzu girl (Vyla). I have had Tzu's my whole life but this little girl's personality, intelligence and beauty is amazing! From the time we picked her out when she was 5 wks old on video till the time Pam flew her to me from Texas to AZ went very smoothly! Pam has been a breeder for a long time and her honesty, trustworthy and knowledge of this breed was very important to my husband and I. I would not buy a puppy from anyone else but her, she has healthy gorgeous puppies!

Reviewer: Michele, April 14, 2020  
https://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Review on Koleen (KoKo)

I highly recommend Pam Crump if you or anyone else you know is searching for a gorgeous, highly socialized, and immaculately groomed and taken care of. I live in Florence, AL & they have an In-Cabin Flight Nanny(Fran) that was able to fly with her to bring her to Huntsville Alabama from Texas and it was the absolute best experience I've had dealing with ANY breeder in over 34+ years that I've had Shih-Tzu. Pam and her husband are such kind and gracious people who have hearts of gold and love their Shih-Tzu like they are children (they are) !!!I'm absolutely 100% buying another puppy from them in the next few months!!!Oam is one of the best breeders in the US & I can't say enough Great things about Pam, her husband and her Beautifully Bred Shih-Tzu. I'd give her 10 stars if I could. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ JLM

Reviewer: Jennie, April 10, 2020
https://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif wonderful breeder

Great person to deal with. we love our pup and recommend them highly

Reviewer: Ana, October 18, 2019 Love My Puppy

We recently got our beautiful Shih Tzu from Pam and Luke Crump. Working with them was a true pleasure. They answered all my questions and sent me pictures as my baby grew. My darling Dolly Madison Cookie Graham (AKA Abria) is the baby girl of their Gorgeous Tom and beautiful Abby. She has wonderful markings, is very smart and as happy as can be. We highly recommend Pam and Luke if you are looking for a new fluff baby. It is evident they care for their Shih Tzu's and work very hard to give them a loving beginning.

Reviewer: Rhonda, May 4, 2019 Purchased a puppy

We recently got a puppy from Pam and she was great to work with. Our puppy hasnít had any accidents in the house yet either. His paperwork came with good information, vet check and more.

Reviewer: Natalie, April 29, 2019 Perfect little addition to our family

We have recently adopted a beautiful tiny lavender baby girl from this breeder and we are absolutely thrilled. This sweet baby fits right in with our family. She is a petite little darling and we could not be happier. The transaction was seamless from inquiry through pick-up and beyond. We had our first vet visit the day after purchase and our vet said that the accompanying paper-work we brought in regarding immunizations and extensive information the breeder chose to provide for us, etc. was the most extensive she has ever encountered. She was most complimentary and said that we made a good choice for choosing a knowledable-caring, breeder. Thanks so much for allowing us this great opportunity. We will most likely return in the future and send other potential clients to you who are considering a sweet fur-baby addition to their family! Sincerely-Vickie Ragsdale

Reviewer: VL, April 22, 2019 Beautiful, Healthy, Happy Shih Tzu Puppies!!!

I wanted a quality AKC puppy, with all the necessary shots, as well as a great personality & temperament. And I was hoping to find this puppy within a few hours drive of my home. Pam fit my criteria - perfectly! ALL of her puppies are adorably cute; it was hard to choose - but Loki, now called Tessa, won our hearts. We are VERY happy with our sweet girl. You can't go wrong choosing Pam as your breeder. She has been doing this for a long time & DEFINITELY KNOWS what she is doing. The cost may be a little more than some other breeders, but it was absolutely worth it - for peace of mind & for a health guarantee, too. If you mentally spread out the purchase cost of a puppy over it's expected lifetime, what difference does a few extra dollars make?! I would absolutely recommend Pam to anyone looking for a fabulous, gorgeous Shih Tzu....& HAVE FUN choosing your favorite!

Reviewer: Deborah, March 16, 2019 Bought Two Puppies from Pam and Luke

We lost our sweet Shih Tzu after 14.5 years and just happened to find Pam and Lukeís website after doing some research to look into getting another Shih Tzu. We loved what we read about how they raise their puppies in their home and contacted Pam after picking a few that we were interested in. Pam did Face Time with us to show us the puppies before we made the trip to Corpus from Houston, which was really helpful so we could see them before going to see them in person. We were in love just from Face Time! We went and were able to see the puppies that we were interested in and ended up buying two instead of just one! We couldnít choose just one! We have had the puppies for about 3 months now and they are just amazing! We love them so much! We had such a great experience with Pam and Luke and are so grateful we found them! They were great to work with and they have beautiful puppies with excellent quality! We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Shih Tzu puppy!

Reviewer: Holly, November 8, 2018 https://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Love These Shih Tzu Puppies!

Pam and Luke Crump are fantastic to work with! They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and give the highest care for their puppies. The puppy we got from them is absolutely precious! I highly recommend working with them and I will purchase from them again in the future!

Reviewer: Greta, March 23, 2018https://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Care for my puppy

After my shih tzu of 15 years passed, we were eventually ready for another little one in our home. We are absolutely smitten with our new member of the family from Pam and Luke I know that she was well cared for before she arrived. She is affectionate, happy, loves us and other people. Our vet adores her! Pam and Luke have been wonderful to check on us and answer questions.

Reviewer: loyce, March 17, 2018https://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Wonderful Moriah

I can't say enough about Pam and the quality of her dogs. We acquired Moriah a week ago and she is more than we thought possible. This is our third Shih Tzu and the quality of the coat and temper ant is unreal. Her coloring is so unique and beautiful. I had her at the vet today for her checkup and everyone thought she was beyond beautiful. Pam was so great to work with. We face timed Moriah before we bought her so we could see how beautiful she was. We bought her 2 days before the hurricane came so she couldn't be shipped. We checked with Pam weekly and she was not about to let her go without making sure it would be a safe flight. We waited a month to get her until the flights were safe again and she was well worth the wait. I remember Pam sending me a text about the time she was to land and asked if she could exhale yet. Now that is what I call an incredible breeder that would make sure she landed okay and was fine. Pam is top notch!!!!!!

Reviewer: Doug, September 25, 2017 TinkerBell Leewright

Pam and Luke are the best! My husband purchased my puppy from them for Valentines Day and she is the love of my life. I have had other Shi Tzuís in my life, but Tinkers champion breeding is so obvious in everything she does! She is so beautiful and so easily trained. She honestly is the most incredible dog Iíve ever had. Every part of her is perfect- from her gait, to her hair, snout, teeth, and mannerisms she is a champion and I donít know how I ever lived before I had her. She brings such joy to my life. I give such thanks to Pam and Luke because they truly love every single puppy they bring into the world. They stay in touch with the families after they are adopted. Their whole life is centered around breeding and caring for these wonderful animals. They are in it with a full heart and that makes it so much more special and you and your puppy become part of a huge new family It is a wonderful experience!

Reviewer: Rachel, September 19, 2017 Healthy, well socialized pre-loved puppy.

I bought my liver colored shih tzu from Pam Crump three years ago and have had absolutely no medical issues with Ginger. She is well behaved and very affectionate. Be prepared for lots of puppy kisses and keep in touch with Pam on Facebook. Ginger is super healthy and happy!

Reviewer: Diana, August 11, 2017 Excellent

Our little Vino is a beautiful puppy with a fantastic temperament, he has been a wonderful addition to our family, fit right in like he's been here for years! Pam and Luke Crump were extremely helpful from start to finish, lot's of paperwork to get my baby all the way from Texas to Barbados in the caribbean and Pam and Luke handled all of this very promptly and made the process an easy one - I couldn't recommend them highly enough!

Reviewer: meredith, March 27, 2017 Perfect Little Buddy

Purchasing my first toy breed was a wonderful experience through Pam and Luke.Both were very knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with during the process. Titian has been a joy everyday . He was a fantastic Christmas gift to myself! He is very smart and sweet definitely good breeding. I would recommend anyone looking to purchase a quality Shih Tzu buy from Pam and Luke Crump, you won't regret your decision!

Reviewer: Andrea, March 2, 2017 Couldn't be happier will buy another puppy !!

I was looking for just the right male, knew when I saw "Hobbitt" I had found my puppy, has been renamed BUDDY.....I drove from California to Texas and he was worth every mile.....Pam did an excellent job with keeping me informed about his progress and I literally couldn't be happier.....I plan to watch her litters and when I see the female that is calling to me have no problem in making the trip again...Thank you so much for letting Buddy come to live with us....my husband was nervous sending money to someone we didn't know and I did research on the internet and had no problem at all to hold him.....

Reviewer: Donna, February 25, 2017 Love at first sight

I bought my first puppy from Pam & Luke and it won't be my last he is so sweet and beautiful they went over everything he had his 10 day check up at his home vet they said he is in good health very good looking puppy. Pam is great raising puppies I feel good now that I know who I can always go to Pam when ready for another shih tzu she has many colors to choose from she will have the one that will love you.

Reviewer: Iynn, December 9, 2016 Great genes

Love our dog. He's beautiful, smart and has a great temperament. We were worried about shipping, but he arrived without issue. Housebroken in 1 week. Hardly barks.

Reviewer: Sharon, December 8, 2016 My new baby girl from Pam Crump Shih Tzu

Pam and Luke Crump are so wonderful! Brought my lavender girl home yesterday and she is amazing!! Sooo beautiful and her temperament is precious. Her coat and features are gorgeous and she is very affectionate. It is obvious she was in a loving, secure environment in the Crump's home. I highly, highly recommend this breeder. Pam and Luke were so thorough throughout the entire process and so patient to answer my many questions. I love that they are so willing to FaceTime with clients and the pups until the pups are old enough to come home with the new parents. I'm so blessed to have found them and to have my new little girl home at last :)

Reviewer: Lindsey, October 9, 2016 My new puppy extraordinary!

Pam is an excellent breeder. She provided time for my family and me to visit and select puppy. I was immediately impressed! Now that I have my sweet Shih Tzu I'm more certain she is an excellent breeder. His coat is beautiful, seems very intelligent, potty trained to pee pads, eating well, and very lovable. Such a loving disposition and he fit right into my family. These dogs are raised to be loving companions. They are carefully bred to high pedigree standards. My pup could be a show dog but he was selected to be a family pet. I can recommend Pam Crump's dogs with no reservations!

Reviewer: Marilyn, June 29, 2016 Excellent Breeder

We love and adore our little baby Lexie we got from Pam and Luke. She is the most beautiful and loving little girl ever!!! You can sure tell that Pam and Luke took a lot of time getting her ready to go to her forever home. She is so loving, sweet and cuddly. She flew from Texas to Nashville to us in a nice crate with all of her papers and a blanket and detailed instructions indicating that the Crump's truly care about their puppies even after they leave!!! I've bought others and you don't always see this. I highly recommend this breeder and ( When ) it's time for another new puppy, I will definitely go to Pam and Luke.

Reviewer: Angie, February 8, 2016 Best breeder ever!

Got Absolom from Pam and Luke last August. Since I have relocated to Hong Kong for good, Pam and Luke has prepared all complicated documents needed for import and export with their most professional experience. They took care of Absolom until he is 5 months old, and last week, The brave little boy has finally took the 20+ hours flight to meet our family. He was well groomed and trained. Immediately knowing where to look for the potty pad, trying to get along with our other Shihtzu from LA, and definitely calm and loving. We could immediately see how much time and love Pam and Luke has invested in Absolom, impressive! They are always ready to answer questions and provide guidance to help Absolom adapting to a brand new environment. If you are looking for a shihtzu, this is the right place!

Reviewer: Gigi, February 2, 2016 Wonderful pet buying experience

I have just lost my precious puppy and to ease my grief decided to get another shih tzu for their wonderful nature. I decided on a 7 month old puppy from Pam and Luke through referring to the American shih tzu club. I wanted to skip the baby puppy training so when I got Charley I was expecting the cuddles and kisses from day 1 which is not the case with an older puppy. I needed assistance and guidance and Pam and Luke were always there to help me with hints and ideas to get Charley to trust me. It took no longer than 24 hours thank to Pam and Luke's experience and knowledge. I can still call on them if I need to but Charley is doing great. He is a delight and extremely responsive during his training. I am glad I made my choice to go with a pet from Pam and Luke. To top it up Charley is a very handsome boy 😀

Reviewer: Sarah, November 12, 2015 I'm head over heels in love with my new puppy!!

I couldn't be happier with my new puppy. He is not only beautiful but is exceptionally smart. Pam and Luke Crump were wonderful to work with. They were so professional and knowledgeable. Pam listened to what my needs were and made me feel assured when I decided which puppy I wanted. She didn't try and sell me the one that was priced more between the two I was torn between. She wanted to match her puppy to the right owner. My puppy flew to me in Memphis in a very nice dog carrier and a cuddly blanket for him with extra food he was already on and vitamins. The Crumps were with me every step of the way while he was in route until he reached my arms. They have answered any questions I have had since I got him. I don't think I could have picked a better quality breeder. If I get another puppy it will be from the Crumps.

Reviewer: Karen, August 27, 2015 Purchased Forbes

Pam and Luke were so pleasant to deal with on buying one of their puppies. We bought a little boy named Forbes. He is the most loving, sweet, smart and just beautiful puppy ever. He came to us using a pee pad and we have continued and is almost potty trained. We got Forbes on June 11 but before that we were able to Skype with Pam and she would show him and keep up with his progress. He came with all his papers and information to get us started. Their website was very helpful in finding the perfect puppy. We wouldn't think twice about getting another from them.

Reviewer: Bobbie, August 10, 2015 In love

David and I bought two puppies from Pam and Luke. We brought them home and our lives have become young parents again. They are so much fun. And fun to watch. They are healthy and we pray that they Will be an enjoyment in our home for a long time to come. Thank you Pam and Luke, Linda and David and (Willis and Sissy) and Bonnie their new doggie friend.

Reviewer: Linda, May 27, 2015    [ Delete ]
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Satisfaction

My husband Mike and I purchased a puppy from Pam and Luke recently a little boy we named Ozzy We were so happy to find a breeder so close to home that we trusted and felt completely at ease with . Pam and Luke are great people but more important excellent breeders. They truly love their dogs They are there to answer questions and don't mind keeping in touch with you. They are devoted to making sure you get a puppy in good health and stand behind it. I would not hesitate to get another dog from them if we decide to do that and I would highly recommend them to anyone that was interested in getting a Shihtzu

Reviewer: Janice, January 17, 2015 A fantastic experience

We purchased a shih tzu puppy (Aberdeen) from Pam and Luke Crump and the experience was fantastic. We found their business online and after talking with several other breeders and then Pam and Luke, we knew they were the breeders for us. Pam called us the day the puppies were born, and then sent pictures and updates regularly. Pam and Luke were open to answering all of our questions and were always available via phone or email/text. Luke delivered the puppy to us in August, and he has been a true joy since the day he arrived -- he is super smart, healthy, and a perfect addition to our family. We cannot thank Pam and Luke enough and will definitely be calling them when we are ready to expand our family with another puppy in the future.

Reviewer: The, September 29, 2014 Wondeful puppy and wonderful breeders

I bought a Shih Tzu puppy (Albert) from Pam and Luke Crump in January 2014 and they became like family. We talked on Skype and saw how great Albert was in real life (we live in NY so couldn't visit in person) and they asked as many questions about our family as we did of them - they wanted to make sure he was going to the right home. We all worked closely to bring Albert up to NY by plane and he was beautifully transported and there were lots of calls during his travel making sure he was ok. Albert is a beautiful dog, he doesn't really bark and was a confident little guy from the start. Luke and Pam train their puppies to sleep in a playpen, so plenty of room to sleep and not get into trouble. After looking at a number of breeders - it became obvious that the Crumps do this because they genuinely love their little guys. Since getting Albert we've kept in contact via Facebook. I can't recommend Pam and Luke highly enough

Reviewer: claire, September 24, 2014 Even my vet was impressed!

I bought my beautiful puppy, Ginger, from Pam Crump. I just took her for her last set of puppy shots and the vet commented on her beautiful, soft fur. Ginger is a very playful, affectionate puppy who is well socialized and had no trouble blending into a home with cats. You can definitely tell the quality of these puppies once you see them in person. These are very happy, healthy puppies.

Reviewer: Diana, April 14, 2014 Recent Puppy Purchase

I recently purchased a puppy from Pam and Luke Crump. I was concerned with having it shipped to Indiana, but the puppy arrived in excellent condition. You could tell it had been well cared for. The puppy adjusted easily to its new home. It is very playful and has an excellent personality. I highly recommend the Crumps for purchasing a puppy. Reviewer: Carol, January 2014

Reviewer: Carol, January 14, 2014  
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Great exprience with Pam & Luke Crump!

We bought two puppies from Pam and Luke Crump and couldn't be happier with them! They are very nice and friendly people to work with. The two are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and they definitely produce high quality shih tzu that are well worth the money. I would recommend anyone wanting a shih Tzu to buy from them. The two puppies are doing great. We couldn't love them more! Mike & Maria

Reviewer: Mike, January 10, 2014 http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif The Crumps are Breeders you can Trust

We purchased two 8 week old shihtzu pups from Pam & Luke Crump December 2013. We already have a 10 year old shihtzu named Kewpie that we adore and we wanted another one because this breed is perfect for our livestyle. After many hours online looking and researching different breeders, I found Luke & Pam Crump. They stood out because ALL of their parents and pups were gorgeous! We have had our little girls home for a few weeks and I will tell you that they are so well behaved, sweet tempered and yes, gorgeous! This is because the Crumps are very professional and meticulous in their breeding program. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! :D

Reviewer: angela, January 6, 2014 Reputable, Loving Breeders

I have bought 2 shih tzu puppies from this breeder. Their dogs are healthy and well taken care of. Both of my dogs have sweet temperaments--which is very important to me as a grandmother of young children. I highly recommend purchasing a shih tzu from the Crumps. They truly love this breed and their dogs!

Reviewer: Melissa, December 30, 2013  
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Pam Crump's dogs are THE BEST!

We purchased a puppy from Pam Crump in November and are SO in love with our new family member! Pam's prices are competitive, her dogs' temperaments and bloodlines are impeccable, and the entire experience was a pleasure. You can be sure you are getting a quality Shih Tzu who has been house-raised and well cared-for from birth. My vet says the puppy is in top condition, and he is such a happy fellow! His adjustment has been smooth, but if I had had questions or any issues, Pam is available through multiple avenues to assist buyers. When you purchase a Pam Crump Shih Tzu, you become part of the family. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a new companion!

Reviewer: Melissa, December 28, 2013  
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif PAM CRUMP SHIH TZU PUPPIES ARE THE BEST

I have purchased two beautiful shih tzu from Pam. The first was in 2012, a female; second pup is a male, 2013. Both puppies were puppy pad trained. It is obvious that Pam and Luke truly love their puppies. Both pups are well socialized and happy, happy dogs. I have never owned a dog before and after I purchased the first one, I had questions and Pam had answers. Pam and Luke care after the sale and are very knowledgeable and helpful. If you are interested in a quality, perfect puppy, I recommend buying from Pam.

Reviewer: Jackie, December 28, 2013  


We received an email that was not posted on PuppyFind as a review, but felt that it needed to be shared on our website.There did not seem to be a more appropriate place to share it than on this webpage.


Employees of United Healthcare showed exceptional care and appreciation of one of their employees.Teri had a Shih Tzu service dog, who had recently died.Lisa (a previous buyer of two of our puppies) approached us with the story of Teri and her deceased service Shih Tzu.Teri relied on Gizmo to alert her to significant fluctuations in her blood sugar level and also to her sleep apnea.We offered one of our puppies at half price to be evaluated by Teri for suitability as a service dog.Thallon (now named Phoenix) passed the test with flying colors.Lisa and other employees of United Healthcare made donations to pay for Thallon.Teri wrote the following email shortly after getting Thallon from us.


To all my new friends

My name is Teri and I would like to send a heart filled thank you to all that participated in helping me acquire Phoenix.  He is a loveable puppy and his pre-training is coming along nicely.   Phoenix is very intelligent and I see his progress daily.  He is going to make a wonderful service dog and a great companion.  He is a very important part of my life.  He is loved and well cared for. 

Gizmo was a wonderful dog, and losing him broke my heart.  He had been with me thirteen years.  I felt safe with him by my side.  He was not only a service dog but a wonderful companion.  Without him I donít know how I would have made through the last few years with all the changes and challenges that took place in my life.  When Gizmo died I wondered how I would make it through the continuing changes we all experience.   

George and all my friends at United Health Care, I canít thank you enough.  I wish I could meet everyone involved and say thank you personally.  Cindy thank you again for all that you have done for Phoenix and I.  Phoenix and I wish everyone the very best in life.  As a company you have shown the true soul of United with this wonderful project.  Once again I thank you.  Please pass this email to all.


To you, Lisa and Mike, the heart of The Corpus Christi Adult Day Care which is filled with  your combined personalities and reflected in every part of the day care.  It is a warm and caring place to be and I enjoy being there.  All Day Care Providers should have the wonderful environment CCADC provides.  Thank you for all you have done for Phoenix and I.   We canít begin to describe what it means to us.


To Pam and Luke Crump , it was a pleasure meeting you and I thank you for helping this project.  Phoenix is an adorable and intelligent puppy.  Phoenix is very happy dog.  That has a lot to say about your breeding practices.  I would recommend anyone looking for a Shih Tzu, (show or pet) to you. 

Thank you from my heart and God Bless all of you

Teri and Phoenix

July 1, 2013 Perfect addition to our family

We are very pleased that we chose our puppy from Pam & Luke Crump. She has been the perfect addition to our family. During her first vet appointment, the vet told us she had never seen a puppy from a breeder that was so clean and free of parasites and the usual problems that come with young puppies. Her vaccination records were very detailed and easy for the vet to determine her vaccination plan going forward. We would highly recommend any puppy from pamcrump.com. The Crumps were helpful during the process leading up to choosing our puppy, and in the few months we have had her they have been very helpful when we have called to ask questions. In the first few days of having her home with us, they answered all of our questions and offered great advice!

Reviewer: Christy, June 28, 2013 A recent purchase

Has a very informative website that let's you know you are dealing with real professionals. Answered all of my questions promptly and provided me with the info I would need to make my decision. Pam and Luke leave you with no doubt that that the puppies they sell are of the highest blood lines. The also give you a health guarantee on their litters. The last thing a person needs is to become attached to their dog only to find that in 5 or 6 years your vet discovers a genetic defect and you have to put them to sleep. High quality breeders do their best to never let that happen. I highly recommend their litters for many reasons and safety is just one.

Reviewer: Phil, April 29, 2013 Our Napa Valley Shih Tzu Brix.

Rose and I adopted a 3 month old white/cream Shih Tzu from Pam Crump in September 2012. I was worried about him being flown from Texas to San Francisco, but Brix (Kramer) was smiling and wagging when he came off the plane. He is the most well behaved dog I have ever met. He got use to us very quickly. He is very friendly and happy, but most of all loves all 2 and 4 legged friends... Everyone he meets instantly falls in love with him. Pam gave him the puppy tools to be such an amazing dog. Our next Shih Tzu will be through Pam :-D

Reviewer: Jason, February 23, 2013 Great dog!

My wife and I were on the hunt for the perfect dog for our young family. After narrowing our search to the Shih Tzu, my mother-in-law recommended we check with Pam, as she almost bought a puppy from her, but found a local breeder. We have nothing but great things to say about our experience! Timothy (now named Wally) is exactly as Pam described. We enjoyed the pictures Pam sent along the way, and my young children especially enjoyed our FaceTime call to meet their new dog. Pam and Luke went out of their way to provide detailed responses to all our many questions, and the process could not have been smoother. Wally has brought so much joy to our home, and is excellent with our kids and other dogs. His puppy pad training also made things so easy. He was shipped via plane, and arrived to us just as pictured. We are so happy we selected the Shih Tzu breed, Wally, and Pam Crump (and Luke)!

Reviewer: Michael, February 17, 2013 The Crump's are wonderful people and to deal with

My new little boy Abraham renamed to Thai is everything they said he would be and more. He is just a love bug and great to snuggle with. I had been looking for a while the I came across Pam and Luke and I just cant say enough good about them. They are truely honest, sincere, genuine caring people. There guidance was so helpful for me in making my decision. They also arranged the transportation from Texas to NH for me and again everything was all spelled out for me and made it so much easier than I could have expected. I would highly recommend if you are in the market for a Shih Tzu that you get in contact with Pam Crump you will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: Tom, February 15, 2013 TALEI (THESSILY)


Reviewer: rUTH, February 5, 2013 Great right from the beginning!

I purchased a female puppy from Pam and Luke Crump in August of 2011. Her pedigree is exactly as stated on their web-site. I thought they were very fair in their pricing. They have responded to all my communication quickly. I had her shipped to Colorado Springs, CO and she arrived as promised, healthy, happy and beautiful. She arrived via United Airlines and I think they did a great job. She is going to be a great bitch for my Rex. She truly can NOT hold her licker. What a joy to have in my home.

Reviewer: Ken, January 28, 2013http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Pam Crump Shih Tzu is Amazing

We bought a puppy from Pam in September and had him shipped to California. I cannot say enough good things about Pam and Luke. They are simply just good people with great hearts, which is sadly a rare find these days. Pam skyped with us until the puppy was ready to ship and they were very informative about the breed. Our pup is gorgeous and we look forward to buying another from Pam. A+++++.

Reviewer: Brad, January 23, 2013  http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif A very good Shih Tzu Breeder!!

I am an Shih Tzu Breeder from Germany and i have one choco Puppy from Pam Crump...She is an very serious Breeder!! I would buy a puppy from Pam! Regards Martina Obst www.vom-eulenpark.de.vu

Reviewer: Martina, January 23, 2013 Newest member of the family

After a lifetime of having Shih tzus I found myself in need of a new breeder. After extensive research I knew that Pam was the breeder for me. It was quite clear that not only was she commited to breeding the best show quality dogs, but the most lovable pets too! She loves all of her dogs so much and I was incredibly touched watching the way that she cares for them. We went and visited them when our new puppy was about three weeks old just to make sure he was the one that we wanted. Pam and her husband Luke were both so kind and welcoming. We picked up our new puppy and we were so thrilled with him that we decided to get a second one about a week later! One of my favorite things about the Crumps is the support that we receive from them. They are always more than willing to help with any problem or question that I have anytime. Also, they have a Facebook page for the "family" that consists of customers. It is a lot of fun and I'm proud to be part of the family!

Reviewer: Blake, August 17, 2012 Great Experience and Great Puppy

I highly recommend Pam Crump for your shih tzu. We have had a great experience - from our first phone conversation, to the day we finally met to bring our puppy home. Pam and Luke kept us informed though out the entire selection process. Because of the distance, we were able to Skype with Pam and the puppies several times. Even after we brought our puppy home, we have stayed in communications with the Crumps - they are very quick to email us if we have any questions. Our puppy is very healthy and happy and she was very well adjusted when we got her home. She learned to potty outside within a few days. She is beautiful and according to our vet, she has one of the most beautiful coats she has ever seen. If we ever get another puppy, we will definitely be calling Pam!

Reviewer: Debbie, August 9, 2012 Sweet Jaguar

We love our sweet, affectionate & intelligent 6 month old Shih Tzu acquired from Pam. Our vet said he is very healthy, well formed and has excellent eyes. He was paper trained when we received him & going outside with-in 2 days after bringing him home. His playful shenanigans keep us entertained and yet he is very gentle in how he approaches us. A lovely dog, we recommend buying from Pam Crump.

Reviewer: Donna, April 28, 2012 I bought a great puppy

I purchased a puppy from Pam and Luke Jan 2012 and they were very helpful and spent lots of time explaining the Shih Tzu breed,and shared lots of information to help me choose the best puppy for me and my family.They were very professional and they answered all my questions with their puppies best interest in mind.I had a great experience purchasing my puppy from them and she is everything and more than I had expected.I would highly refer them to anyone that is considering buying a Shih Tzu. Sincerely, Laurie Clithero

Reviewer: Laurie, January 23, 2012 We love our puppy from Pam Crump!

Pam and Luke were so helpful in answering our questions before and after the purchase of our little Buster! He's an extremely friendly, playful and loveable dog! He comes from a place that obviously took very good care of him and loved him. He's been a great addition to our family!

Reviewer: Virginia, November 7, 2011 Happiness with Bombshell.

I purchased puppy bombshell from the Crumps. I was most pleased with their professionalism in handling this adoptionand how they handled every area and they were very prompt with everything. Communication was the best. Last Wed.drove to Airport to pick up my precious cargo. She was beautiful. Prettier than her picture, but her personality was the best. She was so loving and so friendly with us as well as the other fur babies in my family. She adjusted to our routines right away. She was already potty trained and such a smart girl. I looked for months for just the right puppy to add to my family. And when I found them and saw how they did things and looked at the pedigree I knew that they did all this out of the love they have for the shih tzu breed. And it is a pleasure to see this. You become part of their family when you purchase. They do not just drop you but continue to want to know what is going on. mary minor Fleetwood, Nc.

Reviewer: Mary, November 2, 2011 VERY PLEASED WITH THIS BREEDER

We just got our little chocolate and white shih tzu boy, Bongo, from Pam and Luke Crump. We traveled from Beaumont, Texas, to meet Luke halfway (thanks!) to pick up our baby. During and after the sale, Pam and Luke provided lots of information to us about our new puppy and how to continue the excellent care he received at their home. We were impressed with the quality of care they give their dogs, from taking care of their health to feeding only premium foods. The morning after Bongo came to live with us, we got a phone call from Pam, calling to see how he was doing. That let me know they're not raising dogs as an industry, that they really love each of their dogs and puppies. When we have room in our home for another shih tzu, I know who I'll be contacting - Pam and Luke Crump. I can't say enough good things about our experience, and words can't express how very much we love this beautiful, precious, smart, loving little puppy they have blessed us with.

Reviewer: Kathi, August 30, 2011 The Beauty of Corpus Christi, Tx.

Our first Shih Tzu was Sam. He passed on and we were searching for a replacement. Breed wise. Our grooming service for Sam had a listing and pictures. We wrote the ph. # down and met Pam and Luke and all their puppies. We fell in Love with Simon. Tan in color, beautiful, loving and intelligent puppy. This couple are professional and something extra: they love their puppies and the puppies health and bloodline history is all very well documented. Their website is also worth looking at before you talk to this wonderful and professional breeders. Thanks

Reviewer: Fernando, July 26, 2011 New Puppy

I recently bought my second shih tzu from the Crumps. I cannot be happier with the new addition to our family. These dogs are so smart and get along well with other dogs (we also have a golden retriever, a pomeranian, and a weiner dog) and they all get along so well. When I first saw Angelina I gasped because she was the cutest puppy I had ever seen. Everyone loves her and always asks what kind of dog she is/where I got her from. I highly recommend getting a Pam Crump shih tzu they are the best!

Reviewer: Sarah, May 12, 2011 Our new family

We recently lost our nest friend of fourteen years. We found Pam's website to find a new friend. We ended up getting TWO. Pam and Luke couldn't do enough for us. They made the process of getting the dogs from Texas to New Jersey a wonderful experience. Friendly and caring people. If you are looking to purchase your next Shih Tai, talk to Pam and Luke firs. Leigh Gibson

Reviewer: Leigh, April 4, 2011 Panacea and Dorian

Our puppies are beautiful, well-behaved and well- socialized. They are joy on four feet. We appreciate the expert advice received before, during and after purchase from Pam and Luke. Luke drove the puppies from Corpus Christi to San Antonio to get them on a direct flight to Salt Lake City to diminish the stress on the puppies. When they arrived in a secure comfortable crate(extra locks) and in great condition, they were accompanied by their health papers, guarantee, shot records, photos, receiving towel, food, eye medication, pedigree, and AKC regristration papers. Thank you so much!! Ester/Dorothy

Reviewer: Ester, March 25, 2011 Loving My Little Autumn Rose

I highly recommend Pam and Luke if you are considering a Shih Tzu. My new baby is lively, loving and a joy. She arrived in excellent health and adjusted to her new home almost immediately. Pam and Luke provided answers to questions I didn't even think to ask before Autumn arrived. They are true professionals. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewer: Gen, November 24, 2010
 Don't hesitate to Buy from The Crumps!!

Pam and Luke went above and beyond the call, and jumped through hoops to get me a little girl that I was happy with. Well, our baby arrived right on time, and she adapted to our family like she was born to be here. She is the most lovable, independent, curios, lively and full of personality puppy that I have ever owned - well she owns us now:) The vet gave her a clean bill of health. She was doing her business on wee wee pads within a few days, and she hasn't missed since, so the puppies are truly potty trained! I cannot say enough about the Crumps and their program - they kept me updaed with e-mails and pictures throughout the 8 weeks I was waiting for "Little" to arrive. Do not hesitate to buy from Pam Crump Shih Tzu, you won't be dissapointed. Thanks Pam and Luke!!!

Reviewer: Mary Anne, September 16, 2010
 Our Baby Milton

I just want to let everyone know that Pam and Luke Crump happens to be the best breeders we have ever dealt with. We purchased Milton about a month ago and he has been the sweetest, loving, adorable, obedient,kindest, best behaved puppy we have EVER had. There is no doubt we will buy again from Pam and Luke. These dogs are top notch dogs; no doubt. Adopting Milton through an online breeder was the most easiest and painless process. We were a little skepticle initially about adopting a puppy online but Pam and Luke made it extremely comfortable for us when we made the decision to adopt Milton. They were very accessible whether it was via email or phone call when we had questions during the decision process. And we had many emails going back and forth and received quick responses. Even after Milton was adopted Pam and Luke have always been available for any questions regarding our little boy Milton.

Reviewer: Cissy, May 10, 2010
 This is the only SHIH TZU BREEDER I will recommend

I just got my baby from Pam and Luke on Monday. He is almost 10 weeks old, blue and white, and just the most perfect puppy I have ever seen! I would tell anyone to buy a puppy from them. They are so nice and will talk to you to answer any questions you might have. As well, their puppies are of the highest standard. I can tell you from experience that they are the best on puppy find, because I have bought from a Shih Tzu breeder on here from South Carolina. It was an awful experience and the quality was not what I expected. Please buy from Pam and Luke. You will never regret it. My baby is exactly what I was looking for, amazing personality, amazing coat and color, perfect tail, and he has a perfect bite. This is all because they only breed the best of the best. You can even contact me if you are still not sure at rmcclanahan@mckinneyisd.net . That is how much I love, trust, and recommend this breeder.

Reviewer: Robbye, May 6, 2010
 Little Love Luka

We got alittle 6mo. old male from the Crump's. Can't tell you just how happy we are with him. The Crump's take great care in the breed and it shows. Before you call read all on their web page and learn what it is your looking for and if you are looking for a true Shih Tzu call. They feed the pups Blue I too use this dog food for my husky,it's worth the extra money and so are the Shih Tzu's from the Crump's. They breed for the love of the breed our Luka is a sweet,happy,healthy,pure Shih Tzu and worth every penny. Took him to the vet within 7 days and everything is fine we got him around Feb.15 and he is doing great. Please I hope by reading the web page you'll understand the difference in the Crump's pups from some of the others that yes are less. For us the $800.00 was worth it and will buy another from no one else. The Crump's called us a few times after to make sure everything was fine with the pup, and it is. Love this pup

Reviewer: Pamela, March 19, 2010
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Beautiful, phenomenal dogs with Pam & Luke Crump!

I purchased a beautiful dog from Pam and Luke Crump yesterday; he is healthy, gorgeous, and the sweetest dog we could ever ask for! I HIGHLY recommend the Crumps for purchasing your puppy. They were extremely friendly and continue to be so. They are wonderful people raising quality, fantastic Shih Tzus. It was a great experience with the Crumps! Highly recommended!

Reviewer: Heather, March 17, 2010
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Our little Princess

I would like to let everyone know that Pam and Luke Crump are good people. We bought Our little Princess and I was pleasently supprised to find out she was housebroke, batheable, sweet natured, and even after a somewhat eventful day (airline failed to make her connection)she arrived and in less then 3 hours was romping with our other pups, Thank yous go to the Crumps for providing us a pup that not only looks like a champion, but carries herself like one. Feel free to send me a email if you have any questions....oneeasygoingguy_2000@yahoo.com

Reviewer: John, March 15, 2010http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Impressive Dog

I was looking for a Champion Sired female when I came upon Pam's listing on puppyfind. I sent her an e-mail and talked to her and her husband on the phone more than once. I told them what I was looking for because they had two females that I was very interested in. In the end, I chose Rhaisin and she arrived just as beautiful as she was in her pictures. I was very impressed with the quality of the dog and the knowledge of the breeders. This is a quality breeder that knows her dogs and cares about breed conformation. A few days after I received my dog, she even sent me a separate box with some toys and hair bows for her. I would buy from Pam again without question. Twila

Reviewer: Twila, February 2, 2010 perfect puppy!

couldn't be more thrilled with tigger -now known as shiitaki! fabulous shih-tzu from a fabulous breeder...thank you pam & luke crump. michelle

Reviewer: michelle y, January 12, 2010
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Great Breeder/Great Service!

I highly recommend Pam Crump if you're interested in purchasing a Shih Tzu puppy! I originally called to just get some information on the breed and she spent quite a bit of time with me on the phone answering all of my questions and educating me on the Shih Tzu breed....what to expect, how to care for them, their behavior patterns, etc. All of which have been accurate as we ended up purchasing two of the puppies and they are both LOVES! Pam and Luke seem to know this breed very well and I think genuinely care for the health and welfare of their puppies and which homes they go to. All in all, a great and very reputable breeder!

Reviewer: Kristin, December 26, 2009
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Love Match - D Harmony

Pam and Luke, My heart belongs to "Sassy"! She is simply adorable and full of fun. I was a bit nervous about purchasing a puppy on line, but you guys were incredible help every step of the way. She is in perfect health and obviously had been well cared for since her birth. I really appreciated all of the guidance and information you gave me when I purchased her. She has settled right in with no problems. Thanks for making this experience completely enjoyable for her and for me. Nancy (Houston, Texas) September, 2009

Reviewer: Nancy, September 23, 2009
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif 1 Shih Tzu is never enough !!!

This is my 2nd puppy I bought from Pam and Luke. I was so happy with my 1st pup(Asia) that I went ahead and bought another one. My first pup was so easy to housebreak, she knew exactly where to do her business, unlike my other Shih Tzu who I bought from another Breeder has many behavioral problems. Pam's pups have great personalities and are full of life. Thanks Pam and Luke :)

Reviewer: carolyn, November 20, 2008
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif VERY SATISFIED BUYERS

We recently purchased two puppies from Pam and her husband. We are in NJ and were understandably very cautious about buying the dogs from Texas unseen from persons unknown to us.. We originally bought one pup and paid for it. A day or so after paying for the puppy we had to cancel the purchase. Our money was immediately returned without any hassle whatsoever. Shortly thereafter we decided to purchase two pups from Pam and her husband. The pups arrived without incident and they are gorgeous. They are obviously very well socialized and love everyone they come into contact with. They are very happy little puppies. Our Vet (also a personal friend of ours) told us that the pups were in excellent health and had good conformation. She was impressed with how socialized they are. We strongly recommend this seller. They produce very high quality, very well socialized puppies and they are very honest. Melanie and Fred Hafdelin

Reviewer: fred, November 9, 2008
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif love at first site

I have purchase 3 shih tzus from Pam they are beautiful pups . I am lucky Pam and Luke live in the same town as i do. I can not wait to get my forth pup I just can not make up my mine on a girl or boy . I would no longer purchase a shih tzu without champion bloodlines and they have the best looking!! The Esquivels

Reviewer: jesse, October 10, 2008
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Two Great Puppies from Pam Crump

Greta is a huge success! She is just as adaptable as Bentley was to her new home and strange surroundings. She is wonderful. He was so careful to treat her so gently. She uses her puppy pad every time. Bentley is "gently" possessive with ALL toys - his and her new ones, but I noticed her taking them back just as gently. I am amazed that they seem to love toys so much even so young. I can't say how valuable the play-yard advice was. And thanks for the invitation to bring the puppies to visit with their relatives. It would be a good way for them to keep "socialized" with other animals and yours would be the best I can think of to be a gentle positive experience. My treat would be to see the babies. Last night my husband commented he was still amazed that Bentley was not "snatched up immediately" when he was born. "I can't believe that someone didn't recognize what an amazing little guy he is." I truly believe he must have been meant for us, even it took six months for us to find him

Reviewer: Sherri, July 25, 2008
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Beautiful Shih Tzus!!!

I was very nervous about buying a dog off the internet, not knowing exactly what I was gonna get. But talking with Pam and Luke they were very professional and honest with all my questions. When I pick up my pup @ the airport she was everything they said she was and more. I was very impressed with their line of dogs. Beautiful and great personality in the pup I bought from them. Thank you Pam:)

Reviewer: carolyn, July 6, 2008
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif wonderful !!!! highly recommended.........

Pam & hubby, we love our little Ranger ( ben) he is the most mellow, sweet baby.! he is beautiful, full of hugs and kisses, and lots of love. He gets along very well with my other babies, Pam, you have both been very good at helping me decide what , when , and where, and of course how. You are very helpful in many ways, very honest, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend you and your babies, for anyone looking for love , affection, many blessings. thank you so very much for our precious Ben becky & army arlington, ohio

Reviewer: becky, March 2, 2008
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Stephanie red liver girl

My First purchase with the Crumps. Most certainly excellent quality. Wonderful temperment and disposition. Perfect little red liver girl. Excellent communication. Detailed vet records. I Highly recommend Pam and Luke Crump for your future puppy purchase!!

Reviewer: TONYA, August 26, 2007
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif What an excellent experience

I would like to take a moment to thank Pam and Luke for the wonderful little girl (Keeahra) I purchased from them. She is absolutely perfect in every way. They were the best to work with. Always there to answer any questions. Sent me picture updates so I could watch her grow until she was ready to come home. I would definately buy from them again without hesitation. This is what being a good dog breeder is all about. Thanks again guys, we love her. Angela from IL

Reviewer: Angela, July 31, 2007
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Wonderful Puppies!!!

I love Pam's puppies! I bought mine from her and she has been not only an excelent dog, but one of my closest friends! I would buy another from her in a heartbeat.

Reviewer: Samantha, May 14, 2007
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif very ethical- does a wonderful job

Pam does a wonderful job in assisting you with buying a puppy. She went out of her way to answer all my questions and assisted me in finding different products that have been useful in raising the puppy I purchased from her. She has continued answer questions and give advice even after the sale making her top notch. The puppy I purchased is beautiful, very energetic, and meets the standards she described when she sold the puppy to us.The puppy utilized the puppy pads as soon as she entered my home, making housebreaking an ease. I could tell the puppy had been worked with and not just kenneled. I would highly recommed her to anyone. She is a true lover of the breed and wants the best for her puppies.It's not just about the sale for her.

Reviewer: pam, April 25, 2007
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif excellent puppy

I bought a puppy from Pam and the puppy was everything they said and more! Well socialized and in great health! They were very helpful to me during this process, and would recommend them if you are looking for an exceptional shihtzu puppy!

Reviewer: Member, April 10, 2007
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Super breeder--very ethical-followup on sale

I bought a puppy from them and they are always there for me. I feel like I could not have bought a better puppy anywhere. We love her!!

Reviewer: Leah, December 17, 2006http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif From Twana

Love Your babies! Keep up the good work! Great Web Site...Twana

Reviewer: twana, October 8, 2006
http://www.puppyfind.com/images/spacer.gif Excellent breeder!

I recently received two puppies from Pam Crump, and dealing with her has been a pleasure. Not only did she keep the puppies for me for an extended period of time due to foreign vaccination restrictions, but she also completed all the international paperwork I needed to get the puppies cleared into Denmark. She was happy to spend time on the phone with me answering any questions that I had and provided me with updates whenever I asked for them. The puppies I received are beautiful, well-behaved and absolutely wonderful in every way. They are everything I expected and more. I definitely intend to buy from her again.

Reviewer: Pamela, October 3, 2006